Bug #1243

Detection of off-air channels

Added by Dave Chapman over 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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At least on Freeview and Freesat in the UK, part-time channels exist, where during the off-air hours the PMT contains no video and audio streams.

tvh doesn't appear to detect this situation during either serviceprobe or streaming - it will attempt to tune to the channel but then times out after 10 seconds when it doesn't receive any video or audio data for that channel. It then gives the error "No input detected".

What I believe it should be doing is to identify that there are no video or audio streams listed in the PMT and abort immediately, perhaps with a "No video or audio streams" error.

However, the current behaviour seems to be OK for recordings - if you schedule a recording for the first programme of the day on a part-time channel (starting the recording a few minutes before the channel comes on air), then tvh will keep trying to record until the video and audio streams appear in the PMT, at which point the recording will then start.



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I'm marking this as fixed, it will now list the off-air services. But auto-mapping them will only happen if you disable service check, since they are by definition uncheckable in the normal way.

But the main thing, for me at least, is that they do exist in the service list and therefore you don't have to wait N hours before you can actually map them to channels (manually).


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