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XMLTV EPG Grab Source vs. XMLTV Channel Name

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since hts-tvheadend-7630970 you have changed "xmltv channel name" to "EPG Grab Source" in the xmltv channel mapping.

for me its very hard to match channels against the channel_ids.

how should i know that "" is "SPORT1" ?
or is "National Geographics" ?

some of my channel_ids are missing in:

missing channel_ids:
694; sixx
697; Sky Sport HD 2
698; Sport1+
701; Sky3D
743; Sky Sport HD Extra
762; Sky Sport News HD
763; RTL Nitro
767; Sky Atlantic HD
10058; Sky Action HD
10059; Sky Hits HD

from this projekt: (no update for 2 years on channel_ids)

so i have to map numbers against channels and look into xml files for the channel name.



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It's a fair point, originally (upto about 2 weeks ago) the display was actually based on the name. Unfortunately the names are ambiguous, which causes other more significant problem.

I.e. one user had channels MTV (Greece), MTV (another country), etc... However the channel name was always MTV. So simply displaying channel name was useless. Most providers I'd seen used fairly easy to understand IDs, so it made sense to switch (it was completely broken otherwise).

However I will look into putting the name back in the display (though it might make some of the fields pretty long). It's a pretty trivial change.


Updated by Ben . about 10 years ago

On a slightly related note, it would be fantastic if the way in which XMLTV entries are automatically matched against channels could be tweaked slightly. At the moment, only exact matches are found, e.g. in order to auto match 'BBC Three' the channel name must be 'BBC Three' exactly.

If it is instead 'BBC THREE', it won't be automatically matched. Would it be possible to have it automatically match based on the channel name in lower case, with all spaces removed (and possibly non-alphanumeric characters)? Would make the feature effectively entirely automatic.


Updated by Adam Sutton about 10 years ago

That's a new feature request, however trying to match things based on variations is a PITA. And I'm not likely to put it near the top of my list.

For UK users, wait for the new xmltv lineup processing (Andy Brown is working on) which will solve the problem. Plus Atlas will go to v4 shortly (this/next month I hope) and I'll update pyepg so you can finally all have the EPG data you really deserve ;) And trust me it'll be better than any rubbish you get from XMLTV! It's the whole reason I started re-writing tvh's epg support.



Updated by Ben . about 10 years ago

To be fair, the only thing I actually use XMLTV for is getting logo url's, since as far as I can tell that's the fastest way of getting them. Perhaps the real feature request is a better way of getting logo's :P


Updated by Adam Sutton about 10 years ago

By logo's do you mean channel logos? If so then there is already work being done to support XMLTV channel lineups, this is basically a second XML format defined by XMLTV for specifying the list of channels you might have. However its not widely used, UK has reasonable support though. But I've got another TVH user doing that dev so I can't say when.

But we're way off topic ;) Pop along to #hts if you want to discuss further.


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