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DLNA support in tvheadned

Added by Andreas Smas almost 15 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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The ultimate goal is to be able to watch TV on a Playstation 3.



Updated by barberio - over 12 years ago

Since Tvheadend stores it's files as matroska files, you should be able to use any suitable uPnP/DLNA server such as uShare, MediaTomb or TwonkyMedia to serve the recorded files. Simply set up those servers, and add the recording directory as a media source.

Tvheadend could have support added for DLNA exposure of live-channels, by announcing the relevant RTSP streams. Afaik, DLNA clients are supposed to support RTSP delivery, so this doesn't need to wait for HTTP streaming. But this would require the use of a DLNA capable library, which I assume would be a significant addition to the project so will take a while.


Updated by barberio - over 12 years ago

Some investigation produces the following.

The PS3 supports DLNA only not generic negotiable upnp-AV. DLNA is actually a strict limit on what formats are accepted. So that generic devices can all talk the same set of formats.

While RTSP is considered for a future transport, the current standard DLNA transport is HTTP. So this is blocking on #66

Sending of a TS stream should be within the accepted formats for DLNA.

(changing title to reflect that it's DLNA support, not simply upnp-AV)


Updated by Andreas Smas about 12 years ago

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Updated by renne - over 11 years ago

The UPNP-plugin of VDR uses a patched version of libupnp to realize the DLNA function (




Updated by Adam Sutton over 10 years ago

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