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DVR Improvements

Added by Adam Sutton about 11 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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I intend to make some significant improvements to the way the DVR system works to try and a) better exploit new EPG code and b) to generally provide more flexible configuration.

I started, some time ago, a quick doc to describe some of the things I was thinking about:

I've opened this issue to try and collate any DVR feature requests and provide an area to discuss possible ideas.

But please note this is not currently high on the priority list, so I can't promise anything about time scales at this point.


Feature #111: Auto cleanup of old recordingsRejectedAndreas Smas

Feature #187: Purge recordingsRejected

Feature #1107: DVR may link to wrong broadcastAcceptedAdam Sutton

Feature #1168: Automatic Recorder needs a single rule to be able to specify multiple channelsNewAdam Sutton

Feature #1242: Only post-restart part of recording is available in UI if tvheadend is restarted in mid-timer recordingNew

Feature #1273: Warn if future recordings will oversubscribe available tunersAccepted

Feature #1398: Add a "Number of recordings to keep" attribute for autorecsAcceptedAdam Sutton

Feature #1400: autorec: selectable start time window (former starting around)FixedAdam Sutton

Bug #1444: Missed recording with git yesterdayFixedAdam Sutton

Bug #1610: Automatic recorder: Not possible to select "00:00" as starting aroundFixedAdam Sutton

Bug #1672: Deleting a splitted recording deletes the last file of the collection onlyFixed




Updated by Max Kenzie about 11 years ago

I like to throw in some thoughts about what I think would improve the (already very nice working) auto recording function:

It would be nice to be able to filter for more than one Channel for one Auto Record entry (currently you can only choose between one Channel or any Channel).

Also instead of choosing a "Starting Around" time I think it would be better to be able to set a time range within the record may be scheduled.

f.e.: Let's say we have "The Simpsons" every day on the evening (between 6 and 9 pm) and also reruns sometime in the morning on 6, 9 and whatever time depending on the actual weekday.
When I use the "Starting Around" filter I don't get all episodes I want to record, if I don't use it I get to much.
If I'm able to filter for a time range I can (most times) get exactly the episodes I like to see (f.e. only between 8 and 10 pm on tuesdays).


Updated by Alan Schmitz about 11 years ago

It would be nice if more metadata from the EPG was available in the DVR for file naming and post processing. Specifically I'd like to be able to include the original air date in a recording's file name, so it would be easier to use with the scraper for the TheTVDB in XBMC.

If the original air date included dots or dashes between the year, month, and day, the file could be picked up by the scraper for the TheTVDB directly. Here's an example of a full path with a title subdirectory that works in XBMC with no additional post processing:

/recording/system/path/30 Rock/30 Rock.2006-12-14.mkv

An option to include the sub-title might also be useful:

/recording/system/path/30 Rock/30 Rock.2006-12-14.The Break-Up.mkv

If the number of file name related checkboxes gets to be too much, it could be controlled by a format string that uses the same variables as the post processing script. The file name above could be created with a format string like %t/%t.%a.%u where %t is the title, %a is the formatted original air date, and %u is the sub-title.


Updated by Rafal Kupiec over 8 years ago

Maybe you could also take a look at #2485, #2534 and #2569? :-)

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