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Added by Martin Kaufhold over 9 years ago

Hi community,

I'm pretty new to tvheadend and try to import tons of vdr recordings.
I can convert the vdr recordings to Mkv files, but I think I also need to generate corresponding dvr log entries to make them visible in the list of tvheadend recordings.

Unfortunately I don't know how.

Any help is appreciated.


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RE: recreate dvr log - Added by Martin Kaufhold over 9 years ago

Is there really no way to make MKV files visible under recordings?


RE: recreate dvr log - Added by cy clic over 9 years ago

I have a similar issue.
I moved the recording destination folder on the tree for housekeeping
and have now lost all entries in recordings list in tvheadend and its clients
though of course all the .mkv files are all there
and new recordings show up ok.

What is the reason for them not all being recognised?

RE: recreate dvr log - Added by Morten Trab about 9 years ago

Found any solution to this?

I'm having same issues, migrating from Mediaportal as backend to TVH.

RE: recreate dvr log - Added by Martin Kaufhold about 9 years ago

No, and I already switched back to vdr.

RE: recreate dvr log - Added by Morten Trab about 9 years ago

In the meantime I think I cracked a part of the "mystery".
I only need to find a way to identify the UID of a named channel, the rest I've got figured out now.

Once I get the last bits right I'll make som sort of script for the procedure.

RE: recreate dvr log - Added by Michal Leinweber about 9 years ago

I'm interested in Morten's solution, but in meantime I gave up in this.

Specially because I have too many recordings and it is too slow to show recordings in PVR plugin of XBMC. Instead of this I shared my recordings folder with NFS. To add EPG information to recordings I use .NFO files generated for each recording in post-recording script (Post-processor command in TVHeadend digital recorder configuration). Configured as: "/usr/local/bin/write_nfo "%f" "%t" "%d" %S "%c"

Script is simple:


DATUM=`date -d @$4 "+%d.%m.%Y %H:%M"`
cat > ${1%.mkv}.nfo <<-EOF
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <plot>$DATUM - $5

RE: recreate dvr log - Added by Roberto Resecco over 7 years ago

Hi all,

Dunno if this thread is still interesting for someone.
I wrote a couple of python scripts to recreate dvr logs.

They are customized for my environment, but editing variables after import section they can be easily adapted for anyone.
Once logs are created in the temp folder, they can be moved to dvr/logs folder.

I did not understand how log file names are originally created by TVH, so I made my own way.
If someone at TVH can explain how to create correct names, I will implement the algo in the scripts.

A special requirement is MediaInfoDLL python library to extract data from mkv files.

These scripts did not harm my systems. Hope the same for yours. Use them at your sole own risk ;-)

Bye! (3.35 KB) Rebuild DVR logs - TVH 4.1 (3.24 KB) Rebuild DVR logs - TVH 3.x - 4.0