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Added by Adam Sutton over 8 years ago


Some of you have already noticed that the new DVB rewrite has been merged with master. Apologies that I forgot to post something about it before doing the merge.

The DVB engine has been completely re-written, and this has required a complete shift in configuration. Far too significant for the code to easily auto-migrate.

Clearly its caused some significant confusion to some users, since things are quite different and configuration appears to disappear etc..

I would strongly recommend that unless you're interested in testing out and helping to improve the new code, which is certainly a departure from the old and therefore still needs time to mature before its ready for release, that you switch to something more stable. To appease those that were used to the previous state of master I build a new DEB and placed it in the beta repository.

For those that still want to try the new code, you have 2 options:

1. Start again, completely fresh DVB configuration. There are some advantages to this, not least to me as it'll tell me what might be broken/difficult to understand about that. However I can appreciate that many of you, myself included, may have nicely crafted channel lists etc.. and not want to lose these.

2. Migrate the configuration, this is currently a semi-automatic process. Given the rather dramatic change in DVB configuration, it has been decided that an external script will do the migration (or at least most of it). Eventually I might build this into the DEB install (at least for the standard location), but not yet.


To run the migration script you will need to download the script (I've not yet included into the deb),


Note: the above is not .hts, but the tvheadend subfolder.

After this all your channels and related configuration will have been migrated. All DVB multiplexes and services should also have been migrated. However you will need to re-configure your tuners (including Satellite config). Unfortunately migrating these isn't trivial, but setup shouldn't be too hard. See the next section for detail and just skip the bits you don't need.

New Setup

For the new DVB code, things have been re-organised with the hope of trying to make it easier to manage the DVB configuration. In particular where users have multiple tuners. The DVB config is now split into 4 sections:

  • Inputs - DVB tuners
  • Networks - The collection of muxes that a tuner can receive (or in the case of DVB-S, can receive from a given orbital position)
  • Muxes - Standard DVB definition, a collection of services sent by the provider
  • Services - Standard DVB definition, a given service/channel within a mux

To configure a single DVB network do the following:

1. Go to Configuration -> DVB Inputs -> Networks
2. Click "Add"
3. Select the type (DVB-S/T/C, ATSC)
4. Fill in a name, just for your own sanity and debug output. You can usually leave the defaults.
5. If you want to add a pre-configured network (set of muxes) then select from drop down.
6. If not, the go to Configuration -> DVB Inputs -> Muxes
7. Click "Add"
8. Select the network you're adding to.
9. Fill in the Mux settings (if you don't know these, you probably should use a pre-configured set)

This will be roughly the point at which the migration script will leave you, for those that have gone down that route.

10. Go to Configuration -> DVB Inputs -> Tuners
11. Select the relevant frontend device and tick enabled.
12. For non-DVB-S you should select network you want to link to this tuner.
13. If this is DVB-S then select the type of DiseqC arrangement (if you don't know what that should be, just select LNB only, default).
14. Hit Save
15. For DVB-S you need to select the appropriate sub-entry for your DiseqC config (either switchport or LNB)
16. Select appropriate network
17. Hit Save

If you have multiple tuners receiving the same network, then repeat the steps for each.

For those with DVB-S rotors or uncommitted switches I'm afraid the config is still a bit cumbersome. I will try and document it, but for now best to pop along to #hts.

If you go to the "Network" configuration tab, you should be able to watch the progress of the initial scan.

Well I'm sure there will still be plenty of teething problems, and I wouldn't expect a 4.0 release for sometime yet. But hopefully this will be enough to get people going.


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RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Raymond Paulsen over 8 years ago

This is going to be a issue with advanced diseq switches.. with diseq 2.0 2.1...

How do you fix that?

I have 3 identical dvb-s2 cards. With 3 8x1 diseqs... each card recive 8 sat possitions. The same possition aka 1w holds many provders. Each of mine card recive the same networks. How to loadbalance. how to setup that with new framework?

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Adam Sutton over 8 years ago

For uncomitted switches, rotors and all other advanced diseqc configuration the configuration is still a bit clunky. As the focus, as far as UI goes (which I really don't do, well), was the more common setups.

TO setup an 8x1 switch, with 3 tuners each receiving the same inputs, you will unfortunately have to setup 24 entries. As follows:

1. Create 8 networks, one for each sat position (switch port etc...), name accordingly.
2. For each tuner:
3. Select "advanced" for diseqc type.
4. Select the "Advanced" sub-menu on the tree, and enter the number of positions (8, assuming you have all positions filled).
5. For each orbital position:
6. Select an entry in the sub-menu:
7. Tick enabled, select the network, and select switch type "generic", hit "Save"
8. Select the switch sub-menu and put in the port settings (Note: currently uncomitted numbering starts at 0).

And yes I know this is crap, and if someone wants to step forward and make this sort of configuration simpler then I'll be happy to accept the patches!


RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Raymond Paulsen over 8 years ago

Adam its not 1 8x1 switch. Each card has its own 8x1 switch...
Total of 8quad lnb 3 diseq with connection to all 8 lnbs..
All 3 card have identical setups.

I find it impossible to set it up..

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Raymond Paulsen over 8 years ago

how do you setup multiple networks for one sat position? some positions like 1w has multiple providers? i need 1 network for each provider on same position..

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Raymond Paulsen over 8 years ago

diseq uncommited comitted setup, is it still valid like this?

tvheadend diseq uncommitted 8x1
port 0 = port 0
port 4 = port 1
port 8 = port 2

there is no committed switches here

iam sorry to say this new framework is very bad designed, it dont take all possible configurations in account.
with this framework it seems you are stuck with diseq 1.0 1.1 and that is max 4 lnbs

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Raymond Paulsen over 8 years ago

ok.. after fidling a little its possible to to use diseq 2.0 - 2.1
its not a good framework but it work, its better then mythtv and that is what count ;)

i realy like the update you have done with separat pages for muxes, so its possible to use gui now for config mux and services. with over 4500 entrys the old way with everything in 1 list made tvheadend crash..

where is mux signal meter???

good job Adam.. heads up for some donations again :)


RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Raymond Paulsen over 8 years ago

i was again to hasty.. i see there is no properly relations betwhen services and channeles.

how do you map channels???

i have a issue there 1w and 5 is in the same service list, i only want channels from 1w and not 5e, both satpossitions have same channels and names, how do i make shure i only use channels from 1 w and not 5e?
its not possible right??

i want dvb card 1 and 2 to serve 1 channel but card 3 should be reserved from that channel.
how can you filter this with just 1 service list?? there is no indication in the service list where the service is comming from, is it dvb card 1, 2 or 3??

next problem:
i have 1 channel. i need to have 2 services mapped to this channel. service 1 is from 1w card 1 and service 2 is from 5e card 2?

this is not possible either..

its a loong list with stuff not possible now.. i think this framework is a BIG stepp in the wrong direction. i thought the development should go in the steps of more features added, not removed.. :(

dont take me wrong here.. the devs behind tvheadend is my herros :) extremly good work

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by hanza hanza over 8 years ago

how to set up IPTV to watch multicast?

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Adam Sutton over 8 years ago

hanza hanza go to "Configuration -> DVB Inputs -> Muxes", hit "Add", Select "IPTV Network" and enter URL as "udp://" or "rtp://". Currently I've not added any shortcuts for single service muxes, and there is a known issue with it always re-scanning all muxes (simultaneously) on startup. This is on my TODO list for this week. So once you have the mux in and scanned, you can map services in the "Services" tab, however they won't have names (and that's not configurable).

I know that all sounds bad, but I promise to give IPTV some attention this week.


RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Adam Sutton over 8 years ago

John Törnblom

1. You can map channels/services in multiple ways:

a. from channels page, you can hit map and it will try and auto-map all services.
b. Or for existing channels you can double click the services cell for that channel and manually select teh services to map.

c. from the services page, you can hit map. If you have any selected services, it will map just those. If you don't have anything selected it will map all.
d. And you can also manually map by double clicking the channels cell to map to a specific set of channels.

2. With the new UI (and it's far from perfect) you can now both sort and filter most both columns (sorting is limited to a single column). Double click on a heading to sort (and again to reverse the sort). To filter, hover over the heading and click little drop down arrow, select filter and enter appropriate info.

The "Services" tab includes a "Network" column, and the filter is regexp based (you can also enter basic string match). So you can enter say "5w" if that's what the network name is and that's all you'll get. Then select and map, one shortcoming atm, is that you can't use the "map all" option. As it ignores the filtering (that's unlikely to change anytime soon, my UI skills are not good).

3. You have no direct control over which services are available on which tuners, this is fundamental to the concept of a single service within a network (to remove duplication and simplify multi-tuner setups). This is only marginally different from pre-merge, in that you could choose not to map a specific tuners values to a channel. This was done to keep things simple and it was decided this was an unusual requirement.

Having said that, its not impossible to achieve, its just that you end up having to fall back to a configuration that is much more like the previous way of doing things. You will basically have to set-up a network for each tuner, you will presumably end up with the same muxes in each (though you have the choice not to do this) and then you can choose which services to map to channels. Just make sure you name your networks sensibly so you can clearly identify what you need to select from.

4. Already explained this is perfectly possible.

So far you've not managed to list anything not possible. Only one thing that may, if you have very particular requirements, end up being no better off than in the old framework.


RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Adam Sutton over 8 years ago

John Törnblom also I missed your earlier comments. The configuration for more complex DiseqC arrangements is, and I've openly admitted this, a bit of a PITA. Unfortunately compromises were made to appease those with more common configurations. However the "Advanced" setup, as clunky as it is (I preferred my original design for this), allows you to setup pretty much any configuration you can possibly come up with.


RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Raymond Paulsen over 8 years ago

Thanks... i have done some tweaks to my setup.. it will run fine with new framework.
I have to say after geting comfortable with the new way of doing it, i see why the changes are done.
I think its in the best interest of tvheadend to go down this path.

The new switch setting with uncommited / comitted switches are very good.

Thanks again to the dev team for their nice work..

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Alfred Zastrow over 8 years ago

Everything works fine here. :-)

Dual tuner PCIe-caed, DISEQ-switch, Astra & Hotbird dish setup.

Thanks Adam.

btw: some old stuff is laying around under


RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Raymond Paulsen over 8 years ago

Thanks Alfred

i have apt-mirror :) for all 3 branches

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Raymond Paulsen over 8 years ago

where is setting: auto add muxes on discovery?

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Simon Thomas over 8 years ago

Good Morning

I wanted to offer some feed back on the new 3.5.726 unstable build on my Ubuntu 13:10 server.

I actually ended up doing a fresh install after getting stuck in a loop with XMLTV stuff so removed TVheadend and the HTS user completely

The steps I performed for a clean install were

apt-get install tvheadend ( from unstable )
apt-get install xmltv ( not sure if this is was required or not )
added the new user HTS to the video group

I then ran the
tv_grab_uk_bleb --configure
tv_grab_uk_rt --configure

So that was me all up and running.

Oh as a side issue I'm running a TBS6891 and have been using the manufacturer for several years with TVHeadend but changed to the custom driver ( ) included in LinuxTV and am really impressed with it's performance :-) I assume it's supposed to come up a Conexant CX24117/CX24132 ?

I added my network that has the preconfigured Astra 28 muxes then enabled the network on both of my adapters ( then enabled both of the adapters )
I then left it to find all the services.
A little while long after it had finished I clicked map all and the channels arrived :-) Whoop Whoop

Now what I really found easy with this new version is the option to skip the creation of any channels that encrypted that ment I only ended up with 300 odd channels not thousands. Then from the channel view, I unticked auto refresh and deleted all the ones I didn't need leaving me with about 80 :-) Very Very happy and very very quick and simple. Well done on this big jump forward

So now to problems I am suffering ( and this might be my lack of knowledge rather than the new version )

1 )In the EPG Grabber screen, under Internal Grabber, it doesn't matter what option I select ( UK:Freesat or OpenTV:Sky UK ) when I save it and refresh the page it's turned back to disabled....
2)In the previous version, Channels had the EPG Source & Icon fields filled in automatically but this hasn't happened for this fresh install and the EPG Source field isn't populated with a list to pick from regardless what combination of options I pick from the EPG Grabber page

I assume I'm missing a vital step but I just can't seem to get to the end gate although oddly I do have a load of EPG information so I assume this is coming from the Internal Grabber which is actually taking jut not sticking in the option box

Again thanks guys for all your hard work


RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Simon Thomas over 8 years ago

I might be a bit sad answering my own question but after spending a day or so going around in circles I've gone back to the old ( beta ) version to make sure I wasn't imagining things and what I quickly realised is the EPG grabber screen is all messed up.

The section Internal Grabber in the new version has the list from the External Interfaces in the old version
The Over-the-air Grabbers in the new version has the list from the Internal grabbers from the old version
The External interfaces in the new version has the list from the Over-the-air grabbers from the old version

Make sense ?

I think my install should be ok now as I've done all the configuration work on the EPG Grabber before I did the upgrade to Unstable version and I won't make any changes in the interface

So I assume this is a bug.

BTW Everything other than the EPG XML stuff worked brilliantly

Attached Old and New screenshots incase my words weren't any help


Old.jpg (139 KB) Old.jpg
New.jpg (137 KB) New.jpg

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Paul Manning over 8 years ago

I am bit lost on how to configure my LNB in my Satconf? I can see the lnb configs are defined in linuxdvb_lnb.c, but these don't appear to be referenced by linuxdvb_satconf.c?

Is the LNB setting functions incomplete, or am I missing something? When I compile I get nothing more than the 4 standard satconf settings (all universal) of which all only have options to configure a network and DiSEqC. I can't find anywhere to reference the various LNB's define in the array 'linuxdvb_lnb_all[]'

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Paul Manning over 8 years ago

I think I should elaborate more to the point what my issue is. Tvheadend has never had functional LNB settings for my rig, (which is a KU-Band 10700 LNB). So historically I would tweak the low/high frequency of the standard LNB to 107000 and compile TVHeadend with those.

I've tweaked linuxdvb_lnb.c with my settings but as described above, it doesn't appear to take effect.

Looking at the advance DiSEqC settings, is there a special syntax I can define my high/low settings here?

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Richy Müller over 8 years ago

first I must say, the new DVB part works great on my DVB-S cards. thx

But I have a friend, who uses the Sundtek USB DVB-C Adapter. I works fine also, but after every tvheadend restart he gets a new card with a strange cardID.
1. card: (null)/??/0000:0001
2. card: (null)/+??/0000:0001
3. card: (null)/K??/0000:0001
4. card: (null)/{??/0000:0001

TVheadend and the USB SundTek Adapter are running on a Raspberry Pi. And it works, except the issue with these never ending new adapters

It seems that TVheadend fails to get the BUS Adress, right? If you need more data, I could get it.

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by matthew pollard over 8 years ago

I tried this last night using the latest version out of git on a cubox using a dvb-s tuner and a dvb-s2 tuner. The dvb-t worked really well but the dvb-s tuner did not find any services but found all the muxes. Not sure whether it was me being inept and wondering what had happened with all the new look settings or a problem with the system. I did not start from scratch when I set it up so it was using settings from the previous build - not sure if this would cause and issue or not. I have reverted to the previous version now and all is hunky dory again - would like to use the latest version though seems it more intuitive to set up. I can give you more details if you want.

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Raymond Paulsen over 8 years ago


You cant use old settings files. New framework uses different style. So you need to set it up from scratch.

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by Adam Sutton over 8 years ago

Or, as noted, you can try the migration script.


RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by matthew pollard over 8 years ago

cool - thanks!!

RE: DVB-rewrite merged - Added by matthew pollard over 8 years ago

tried again with a clean slate. It seem which ever tuner I setup first is ok and then the next has trouble scanning. The dvb-s(2) was ok this time and the dvb-t did not find any services - muxes and everything appeared and it did a scan but found no services. I would say it was the antenna but using 3.5 it finds services etc.