Dual Tuner. Same Muxes. Different signal strength.

Added by G P over 11 years ago

G'day all,

I'm not really sure what this could indicate, but it is often that the circumstance in the subject line occurs.

Most often, one adapter has 100% signal and the other adapter has low signal, yet everything between them is identical.

(Possibly) interestingly, it's not always the same adapter that plays up.

That said, a lot of the time they are both 100%.

I have also noticed that the longer the pc is on, the more likely the signal will be less than 100% on one or both tuners, and
once below 100, they don't appear to come back.

Can anyone give me any hints as to what might be causing this?

Ubuntu Maverick 10.10
Tvheadend Build: 2.12.svn5683~odk1
Leadtek WinFast DTV2000DS (AF9015)