Web console not available after restart and dpkg-reconfigure needed to tune correctly on ubuntu 11.04 natty

Added by Tomas Janovsky over 10 years ago

I am using tvheadend for two years because it was out of the box working solution for me as I am just a power user not a linux guru. It is on the box which is a file server for home use and a tv recording server. I do not use streaming even there is XBMC on the frontends. (We do not have time to watch TV when the program is on :o) )

From ubuntu 10.04 I have got troubles - I need to run dpkg-reconfigure after each restart to make tvheadend show OK when tuning.

Now (on natty) I have to :
1. reinstall tvheadend package (currently from Lars's PPA) after each restart,
2. restart again to log in tvheadend web console,
3. run dpkg-reconfigure to make tvheadend show OK when tuning.

That is my way to force tvheadend work on natty. When next power loss comes or I need to restart my box I have to reproduce the whole procedure.

I have a simple question - if I put my system on internet with VNC connection open is there someone who is able and cheerful to help me?

Thanks for any answer.