Backup/Restore TVheadEnd Configuration

Added by Nathan Fieldhouse almost 8 years ago

Today I need to updrade my box that runs TVHeadend to a 64-bit version of ubuntu, Is there a config file file I can copy so when I reinstall TVHEadend will be ready to go without having to resetup muxs, channels guide etc??



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RE: Backup/Restore TVheadEnd Configuration - Added by Prof Yaffle almost 8 years ago


There's a series of config files (in /home/hts/.hts/tvheadend on a 'buntu installation) that you can back up, making sure that you keep the file permissions in the process.

You'd need to ensure that the default tvheadend user is the same after the upgrade (hts by default, so it should be) and that all the adapters initialise in the same order. That last bit might not be so easy, depending on how they're connected (USB moves all over the place if you're not careful) and how the new OS handles them compared to the old.

You'd have to give it a try and be prepared to rebuild it if necessary. That said, it's not a big job to trash the whole config and let it repair itself and re-scan; it's only hard work if you've done a lot of customisation of logos, channel merging, etc.

RE: Backup/Restore TVheadEnd Configuration - Added by port boy about 6 years ago

My TVH installation on a Synology doesn’t have the folder /home/hts/.hts/tvheadend
How could I find where the config is stored on my station?
I use the packages from .

RE: Backup/Restore TVheadEnd Configuration - Added by eklectiq red over 3 years ago

I understand this is a really old thread but still ranks first on a Google search for "tvheadend backup". It appears the correct answer was given for a Ubuntu-based install but not for the Synology package.

So, on a Synology NAS with the "" package, tvheadend's config is located in


Obviously, the path should be adjusted if your packages are installed to different volume than "volume1".