Issues with Technotrend

Added by Will Plaice over 9 years ago

I'm looking at moving from my Windows install, and am experimenting with Ubuntu Server and TVheadend..

I have an issue with my USB Tuners, that work fine on windows - perhaps this is a driver issue ?

Technotrend (TT3200)
idVendor 0b48 idProdcuct=3007

Every 2 seconds or so when using the tuner i get on the console:

pctv452e I2C error -121 (...Hex)

can anyone explain this or give me some sort of workaround ?

many thanks, in advance Will

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RE: Issues with Technotrend - Added by Anonymous over 9 years ago

hey i use the same usb card and got.these errors too.
if you search by Google like the error message you will find Informations about driver issue and it comes from Signal detection.
hope technotrend will fix these bug but these only spamming errors in dmesg .

the card will work without issue !