Possible Strange Comcast Behavior

Added by John Nevill about 10 years ago

My HDHR Prime (cablecard) was properly reporting the tsid (listed on tvheadend as "MuxID") for each mux, but now.. and I'm not sure why yet.. it reports nearly every mux as 0x0000. Because of this only the first mux scanned produces any services.

I thought this may be due to beta firmware I put on my HDHR and brought it up in the silicondust forums but the blame is being shifted over to "Comcast's Motorola equipment". Knowing Comcast, this isn't too far out of the realm of possibilities.

At any rate, is there any way I can get around using the TSID as the unique identifier for a mux so I can get through a scan or am I up poop creek on this one?

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RE: Possible Strange Comcast Behavior - Added by Adam Sutton about 10 years ago

TVH doesn't actually ID muxes by TSID (yet, though this will change). However I don't think it will accept the same service TSID/SID combo, so if the service IDs are duplicated on muxes reporting as TSID 0x0 then yes I can imagine you will have problems.

You could manually edit the config files to assign muxids to the muxes, however I think that might get auto overwritten by TVH AND I think generally TVH will get upset as while it doesn't use TSID for the unique ID I think it still expects this to match the incoming data in several places.

SO basically yes I think short of bodging the code completely you're a bit stuffed :(


RE: Possible Strange Comcast Behavior - Added by John Nevill about 10 years ago

Thanks Adam! That's terrible news, but I appreciate the response and, at least, it frees me up from troubleshooting this any more so I can move on to different tinkering.

The fellow at the silicondust's forum was rather down on the idea of relying on TSID for US cable since it appears that passing through 0x0000 TSID's is somewhat common. Again, I expect nothing more from Comcast and their ilk.