My first installs of tvheadend

Added by Eppo van Straten over 10 years ago

Hi all,

Once every four or five years i check on developments of 'linux' especially in the usability as a streaming server for dvb-s(2) cards. This is the first time i was able to get something that realy works!

I first tried to install in ClearOS. But this was troublesome with my dvb-s2 adapter.

So then i went on to install debian, and this install was no problem at all.

I managed to set it up allright but there were a few problems.

- When you once choose to add a transponder by hand (that is a better name then mux or whatever tvheadend calls it), it seems to overwrite the internal database, so when you later change back to automatic, it only has knowledge of the transponders you entered by hand?
- It would be better to name the DISEQC ports like everybody else does: (A/A,B/A,A/B,B/B).
- The webinterface becomes increasingly slow and instable when automatic adding of transponders is enabled for 2 or more positions ( like hotbird and astra2), so when the number of services exceeds 2000. Therefore, in the end, i chose to add all transponders i want by hand.. tedious...

But overall, i'm very satisfied. It works!

I also have a question or suggestion: There seems to be no validation on the directory for storing recordings. I wanted to store them on my nas so i tried //readynas/media, but this didn't work. Would be nice to be able to browse to a location...

Anybody an idea what i must do to store the recordings on my readynas?

Thanks a lot!