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Added by Campbell Long over 11 years ago


I've got tvheadend installed on an Ubuntu installation and all is well except I can't login to the web ui over the network. If I point the Ubuntu installation at localhost I can login fine. But if I use another machine on the network it tells me the username and password is invalid, any ideas?


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RE: Web UI - Added by Paul Rensel over 11 years ago

Start tvheadend with the -C and you should have access from anywhere.

When not check your netstat -an on the tvheadend machine and see on what IP it is listening

If still not reachable from other stations check your route, firewall settings etc etc...on all involved stations

RE: Web UI - Added by Laurent Claudel over 11 years ago

In the WebUI (from the localhost), go under the Configuration Tab and then Access Control Tab.
Your user name and password (hidden) are probably listed with a prefix which gives you local access. If you want to be able to access it from any IP address, replace de prefix with Or probably better, you may want to create another username and password with limited access (like no Admin access) with this This is more secure especially if you want to access it from anywhere outside your local network.