Adding Rating Labels ('PG', 'PG-13', 'FSK 12', etc) to TVH

Added by Delta Mike Charlie about 2 months ago

I have been working on a new feature to allow TVH to display ratings labels in addition to, or instead of, the current 'Age' field. Some sample screenshots are attached.

It is my opinion that users will be more accustomed to seeing the labels in their region, rather than just a number. (In Australia, the number is closer to the relative severity of the rating and is not strictly equated to the actual age stated in the rating definition.)

I would appreciate some user feedback, and potentially some help too, before finalising my design. Consequently, I am looking for:

1) Volunteers with a DVB test system or a production system that they are willing to play around with.
2) Volunteers that live in an area close to multiple rating jurisdictions or have a DVB-S service that covers multiple countries.

My new feature works by taking the country and age provided in the EIT parental_rating_descriptor and matching those to a rating label. In the future, it will also be able to work in reverse so that it can take a rating label via XMLTV and assign an age number. It will also be able to remap labels and ages to merge multiple rating systems if required.

Unfortunately, It was not just as simple as matching the age to a label in the language file as multiple regions that use the same language will use different rating systems (GB, AUS, NZ, CAN, USA, etc).

The new feature can learn from what is broadcast and save placeholder entries. The end user can then edit the placeholders to reflect the rating label required.

For example: I got a placeholder labelled 'AUS:11'. I know that this equates to 'PG' so I was able to assign that label. Likewise, somebody in Germany may see a placeholder of 'DEU:12' and change the label to read 'FSK 12' based on other EPG sources.

If I can accumulate enough samples, I may be able to pre-fill some data so that the placeholders can be created more accurately, requiring less (potentially no) user intervention.

I also plan to be able to add rating icons. The label is already in the JSON API and has been tested. It should be in the HTPS API too, however, that has not been tested yet.

Constructive thoughts and comments are welcome.

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RE: Adding Rating Labels ('PG', 'PG-13', 'FSK 12', etc) to TVH - Added by Jonas Lang about 2 months ago

An interesting feature but not of huge interest to me. Nice work though.

Now that we seem to have renewed interest in TVH development maybe it would be an opportunity to include a dedicated “New Feature” section in the forum.

People like yourself could respond to these requests indicating if these requests are actually feasible to implement or indeed if there’s enough interest among the user base to have these features included.

RE: Adding Rating Labels ('PG', 'PG-13', 'FSK 12', etc) to TVH - Added by Delta Mike Charlie about 1 month ago

Status Update

XMLTV rating matching is complete.

I have added the rating icon to the EPG information window.

The rating label and rating icon have been added to the HTSP API and the Kodi HTSP addon has been updated to get the rating label into the database. I now need to update the database schema to store the rating icon as well.