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Added by Daniel Morgan 5 months ago

Hi hope you can all help, what would be the best pc hardware for Tvheadend to be installed and act as the main server to record, watch TV and to be shared on the network to external devices. I'm completely new to this and done some research but nothing beats tried and tested hardware.

I've seen mini pcs with I3, 8gb ram and SSD storage quite cheap. Like ex-office systems.

Would having 2 internal HDD be better, one to run Linux and all software and a second HDD purely for recording?

I've just purchased quite cheap a Hauppauge Win TV Nova TD usb Stick Dual Tuner Model 286 tuner. Is this ok?

Many thanks for all your support

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RE: Best pc hardware - Added by stultus Strebor 4 months ago

I have been running tvh for a more than 10 years on firstly an Intel Atom and then a Celeron J1900, I do not undertake any transcoding, and the tuner is ip. I often record 4 programs and playback one concurrently.
There are two installed disks, SSD for the boot and system files and a spinning rust AV drive formatted to xfs.
Installed OS is Debian 9 in the form of Turnkey Linux Core, this gives me webmin and a minimal install.

Hope this helps, bonne chance S

PS don't know anything about the Nova.

RE: Best pc hardware - Added by Jonas Lang 4 months ago

One of the many HP PCs refurbished on sale at the moment. There’s plenty of them out there. Can be gotten for as little as €95. An i5 with an Intel iGPU 630 Kaybe Lake Gen or later for decoding HEVC. Usually configured 8gb or 26gb with 256gb SSD.

RE: Best pc hardware - Added by Daniel Morgan 4 months ago

That's great advise thanks!