How to install and use Schedules Direct with TVHeadend (tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite)

Added by A L 6 months ago

Hi there.

I have used Schedules Direct with my TVHeadend for years but have recently reinstalled my server.

I cannot remember at all how I set up the grabber and would be grateful for some advice on what to do.

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RE: How to install and use Schedules Direct with TVHeadend (tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite) - Added by A L 6 months ago

I am a bit confused - do I need to download this:

Or was this already included in the TVHeadend download?

RE: How to install and use Schedules Direct with TVHeadend (tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite) - Added by Lisa White 6 months ago

Hi, I use the tv_grab_az_sdjson_sqlite from github. ( It is a fork off of tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite.

In my opinion, the "az: version worked better for my taste because it downloaded all of the metadata artwork posters and it looked great within the kodi tvheadend guide. It recently stopped working with the metadata because of a token problem, but the grabber still works good. I sent a ticket to the developer but he never responded.

As far as the zz version, I find that it only can download one lineup instead of all four. I could not make it work to update all four lineups to tvheadended. That being said, be prepared for a long work out with both of these grabbers. They pretty much function the same. The zz version is already installed within tvheadend. The AZ version needs to be added to the user bin selection of linux and permissions must be granted. These grabbers must be set up within tvh root.

For example:

1. From terminal, type in "sudo su - hts"
2. tvheadend root will appear like "hts@tvh or whatever the name you had chosen for your OS
3. For the az version type in terminal "tv_grab_az_sdjson_sqlite --manage-lineups" (minus the ")
4. Pay attention to all the selections and choose the ones you want. Start with line ups and password hash and manage etc.
5. Once in manage database, select the provider that you will be picking the channels from. Look at the selections and choose how you want it to be saved.
6 Choose which channels you want. This is very time consuming. Take your time looking for the channel because there is no going back unless you start the entire process over.
7. Exit out to main screen and initialize /update local database.
8. Exit out to the prompt and type in terminal tv_grab_az_sdjson_sqlite --configure
9 Save configure file and press enter. This will take you to the next selection of configuring the provider. With th az version, you can selected all line ups or pick which ones you want. The ZZ version doesn't give you those options and that it why I do not like using it.
10. Select non myth and exit.
11. Go into tvheadend configuration, epg grabber module and select the grabber that you had set up. (AZ or ZZ version) Save it and run the grabber. You will see the grabber download within the log at the bottom of the web screen
12. After epg is finished downloading, select "channels" within the web page.
13. You will see all your channels. Under "EPG SOURCE" double click it and you will see all off your epg from schedules direct. Select the correct one for that channel. You have to go through every channel and match them up. Sometimes tvheadend will automatically map a few, but not a lot.
14. Once finished mapping all epg, rerun the grabber and it will push the data to the epg guide within tvheadend. Your should be able to see this under the "electronic program guide".

This is a very time consuming process and especially if you have a lot of channels that need epg. There is no room for error unless you start over. Play around with the grabber before using it within tvheadend because if done wrong, it will load all the channels of a provider's lineup into the tvheadend system making it run slow.

There is a "help" screen within the grabbers and it will tell you the commands to use. I will run the grabber within root and have it export an xmltv file so I can verify what channels were being grabbed. I messed up many times and had to go back within the grabber because I did the sequences wrong and all channels were being downloaded instead of the ones that I selected. It is a trial and error deal!

Best of luck and take your time,