Piping with time shift problem.

Added by Lisa White 6 months ago

Hey guys, I am running the current tvheadend version through my ubuntu server. I have a new iptv provider and I am experiencing bandwidth problems when loaded into tvheadend. The iptv service runs very good without buffering when I use an external player, but it buffs and stalls out when streaming through tvheadend. I noticed that the input and output bandwidths fluxuate all over the place, then the stream bottoms out to zero. It seams like the iptv provider is transmitting the stream in large data chunks.

Anyway, I piped all the muxes using " pipe:///usr/bin/ffmpeg -i -c copy -f mpegts pipe:1 and the streams are about 85 percent better on the drop out, but now I am experiencing problems with the time shift. The stream will start and the time stamp will automatically start about 5 seconds ahead with audio and black video. Within a few seconds both the audio and video will catch up and will stream fine for a few minutes until it stalls out. An error message is displayed "H264 #256 Continuity counter error, H264 #256: DTS and PCR diff is very big (15480402),tsfix: transport stream H264, DTS discontinuity. DTS = 63000, last = 15465387' tsfix: transport stream AAC, DTS discontinuity. DTS = 63201, last = 15461010" I stop the stream and restart it. It will play fine without buffering or stalling until the stream is paused again.

I am using kodi as the client and noticed that the time shift white line is bouncing all over the place and then the white line maxes out causing the stream to stall. The second counter on the right stops and the number count on the left passes it. From my experiencing using tvheadend, the number count on the right is the time shift delay and it always stayed ahead of the live stream.

I have lots of ram and tvheadend is installed on a 15 terabyte hard drive so I do not think it is a storage issue.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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RE: Piping with time shift problem. - Added by Ukn Unknown 6 months ago

I have a test branch with ffmpeg 6.0:
Test it and see if transition to ffmpeg 6.0 will help in any way.
- we are still working on a clean transition to ffmpeg 6.0 ... so use it for tests only.
- this build has to be compiled statically with ffmpeg; so don't use spawn with ffmpeg for your test (because that will bypass tvh-ffmpeg).

RE: Piping with time shift problem. - Added by Lisa White 6 months ago

Thanks for the response, but I am not sure on how to update to your version. I received an update by using sudo apt upgrade and tvheadned upgraded to version
4.3-2112~g247d3d032. Is this version yours?


RE: Piping with time shift problem. - Added by Jonas Lang 6 months ago

You’ll have to compile Unknowns branch from the GitHub

RE: Piping with time shift problem. - Added by Ukn Unknown 6 months ago

you have to download my fork:

git clone

and switch branch to test_ffmpeg6
git checkout test_ffmpeg6

continue with regular compile.