Olde Phart assistance request

Added by Jet Graphics 4 months ago

I seek to set up a PVR on Kubuntu (or other Linux distro) to replace my Windoze BeyondTV PVR.
Tuner hardware : (2) Hauppauge HDTV tuners, (1) HDHomerun
As I have become that proverbial old dog you cannot teach new tricks to (brain, brain, what is brain?), I need step by step guidelines. The major obstacle that prevented me from migrating earlier was the lack of a free EPG for North America / USA.
- - - (Or is there one now ? TitanTV claims to act as a front end for "some" software, but when I contacted them directly, they couldn't say which packages scraped their site or utilized their services.

BeyondTV is an orphan program, and no longer supported nor compatible with Windoze X & XI. It struggles with Win7. But its EPG still is maintained and usable.
Which leads me to the question : IS there a way to access the EPG file and use it in TVheadend ? How would I recognize an EPG data file?

Without a free EPG, migrating to Linux is not an option.
Alternately, do other applications (Kodi, Plex, etc) have access to EPGs that can facilitate scheduling recordings?
Recap : Need step by step instructions for installation / migration, and an EPG for N.America.

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RE: Olde Phart assistance request - Added by Ron L 4 months ago

zap2xml still works. You have to download the perl script from now as the original website is no longer up.

There are probably a number of setup guides on this forum. There is some info here....

Once you get tvheadend setup and the epg setup you simply install the hts-tvheadend-pvr into Kodi. You can schedule recordings from it's EPG guide. The TVHeadend web interface has very good options for setting up recordings where you can have it search for program names and automatically schedule a recording when it finds a match. Plex has very poor live TV support.