Is anyone in North America with a C-band dish able to receive Galaxy 19 (97°W) 4080 V in Tvheadend?

Added by Sean Micklem 5 months ago

I am trying to receive a DVB-S2 C-band satellite signal on Galaxy 19 (97°W) with the following specifications:

Delivery system: DVB-S2
Frequency (kHz): 4080000
Symbol rate (Sym/s): 34289000
Polarization: V
Modulation: 16APSK
FEC: 2/3

Now here is the thing, where I found the listing for this it had the following additional info:

Pilot Off
0.05 Roll Off

I usually leave both of those set to AUTO and have never had any problem, but this signal simply will not come in for me. All the other signals on that satellite will scan in no problem and I have good signal strength on those, and this is using a 10' dish. But anyway I was able to set the pilot to OFF, but the Rolloff was another matter - the only choices you get in the MUX settings are 35, 20, and 25 which I read elsewhere corresponds to o.35, 0.2, and 0.25. So now I am wondering if Tvheadend's inability to deal with an 0.05 rolloff is what is keeping me from receiving this signal. All I know is that it doesn't receive anything when set to AUTO (or NONE), and since they are using 2/3 FEC this should not be a difficult signal to receive, but Tvheadend acts like there is nothing there. It has no problem finding other services on that same satellite, although none of the others are 16APSK.

If anyone is successfully receiving this signal I would really like to know what settings you are using and if you had to do anything special with regard to that 0.05 rolloff, or if you had to do anything else special to get it to work. I am using a TBS6903 tuner card if it makes any difference.

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RE: Is anyone in North America with a C-band dish able to receive Galaxy 19 (97°W) 4080 V in Tvheadend? - Added by Ron L 5 months ago

I don't have any 16APSK tuner to test but many people are having difficulty with this signal. Your dish is going to need to be perfectly aligned to reject interference. Pilot and RollOff should be automatic in the driver so I don't see why TVH should not scan as long as your tuner can obtain a BER free lock. I don't know if I'll purchase a new tuner as I don't know if my Kodi PC has enough cpu to play this video. 1920 x 540 60p 4:2:2 HEVC. Sounds like people with 8 core are barely playing it. I only have 4 core.