Transcoding configuration problems Intel UHD 630

Added by KenyBDG K. about 1 year ago

From couple hours I'm struggling with configuration transcoding on TVHeadend version 4.3-2028~g1c65e8b0f.
OS - Ubuntu 20.04 on VMware ESXi
GPU - Intel 630 (i7 7700k)

The problem is that I don't see any hw device as e.g. /dev/dri/renderD129 in tveheadend codec profile configuration , just device name is empty.
AS I mentioned, I spent on it couple of hours, but still no idea how to fix it.

# vainfo --display drm --device /dev/dri/renderD129
libva info: VA-API version 1.7.0
libva info: Trying to open /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/
libva info: Found init function __vaDriverInit_1_7
libva info: va_openDriver() returns 0
vainfo: VA-API version: 1.7 (libva 2.6.0)
vainfo: Driver version: Intel iHD driver for Intel(R) Gen Graphics - 20.1.1 ()
vainfo: Supported profile and entrypoints
      VAProfileNone                   : VAEntrypointVideoProc
      VAProfileNone                   : VAEntrypointStats
      VAProfileMPEG2Simple            : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileMPEG2Simple            : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileMPEG2Main              : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileMPEG2Main              : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileH264Main               : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileH264Main               : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileH264Main               : VAEntrypointFEI
      VAProfileH264Main               : VAEntrypointEncSliceLP
      VAProfileH264High               : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileH264High               : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileH264High               : VAEntrypointFEI
      VAProfileH264High               : VAEntrypointEncSliceLP
      VAProfileVC1Simple              : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileVC1Main                : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileVC1Advanced            : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileJPEGBaseline           : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileJPEGBaseline           : VAEntrypointEncPicture
      VAProfileH264ConstrainedBaseline: VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileH264ConstrainedBaseline: VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileH264ConstrainedBaseline: VAEntrypointFEI
      VAProfileH264ConstrainedBaseline: VAEntrypointEncSliceLP
      VAProfileVP8Version0_3          : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileVP8Version0_3          : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileHEVCMain               : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileHEVCMain               : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileHEVCMain               : VAEntrypointFEI
      VAProfileHEVCMain10             : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileHEVCMain10             : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileVP9Profile0            : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileVP9Profile2            : VAEntrypointVLD
Checking support/features
  checking for cc execinfo.h ...                    ok
  checking for cc -mmmx ...                         ok
  checking for cc -msse2 ...                        ok
  checking for cc -Wunused-result ...               ok
  checking for cc -fstack-protector ...             ok
  checking for cc -fstack-protector-strong ...      ok
  checking for cc -fstack-check ...                 ok
  checking for cc -fPIE ...                         ok
  checking for cc strlcat ...                       fail
  checking for cc strlcpy ...                       fail
  checking for cc fdatasync ...                     ok
  checking for cc getloadavg ...                    ok
  checking for cc atomic32 ...                      ok
  checking for cc atomic64 ...                      ok
  checking for cc atomic_time_t ...                 ok
  checking for cc atomic_ptr ...                    ok
  checking for cc bitops64 ...                      ok
  checking for cc lockowner ...                     ok
  checking for cc qsort_r ...                       ok
  checking for cc stime ...                         fail
  checking for cc gmtoff ...                        ok
  checking for cc recvmmsg ...                      ok
  checking for cc sendmmsg ...                      ok
  checking for cc libiconv ...                      fail
    ^ using build-in glibc iconv routines
  checking for cc ifnames ...                       ok
  checking for cc cclang_threadsan ...              fail
  checking for py module gzip ...                   ok
  checking for pkg-config ...                       ok
  checking for xgettext ...                         ok
  checking for msgmerge ...                         ok
  checking for gzip ...                             ok
  checking for bzip2 ...                            ok
  checking for pkg openssl  ...                     ok (detected 1.1.1f)
  checking for cc linux/dvb/version.h ...           ok
  checking for pkg zlib  ...                        ok (detected 1.2.11)
  checking for pkg libpcre2-8  ...                  ok (detected 10.34)
  checking for pkg liburiparser  ...                ok (detected 0.9.3)
  checking for pkg avahi-client  ...                ok (detected 0.7)
  checking for cmake ...                            ok
  checking for cc -lstdc++ ...                      ok
  checking for pkg libva >=0.38.0 ...               ok (detected 1.7.0)
  checking for pkg libva-drm >=0.38.0 ...           ok (detected 1.7.0)
  checking for cc sys/inotify.h ...                 ok
  checking for cc inotify_init1 ...                 ok
  checking for cc dvbcsa/dvbcsa.h ...               ok
  checking for cc -ldvbcsa ...                      ok
  fetching dvb-scan files ...                       ok
  checking for cc epoll_create1 ...                 ok
  checking for pkg dbus-1  ...                      ok (detected 1.12.16)

  Using C compiler:                        ccache cc
  Using LD flags:                           -ldvbcsa
  Build for arch:                          x86_64

  Using PYTHON:                            python
  Using GZIP:                              gzip
  Using BZIP2:                             bzip2

  pie                                      yes
  ccdebug                                  no
  cardclient                               yes
  cwc                                      yes
  cccam                                    yes
  capmt                                    yes
  constcw                                  yes
  linuxdvb                                 yes
  satip_server                             yes
  satip_client                             yes
  hdhomerun_client                         yes
  hdhomerun_static                         yes
  iptv                                     yes
  tsfile                                   yes
  dvbscan                                  yes
  timeshift                                yes
  trace                                    yes
  avahi                                    yes
  zlib                                     yes
  libav                                    yes
  ffmpeg_static                            yes
  libx264                                  yes
  libx264_static                           yes
  libx265                                  yes
  libx265_static                           yes
  libvpx                                   yes
  libvpx_static                            yes
  libtheora                                yes
  libtheora_static                         yes
  libvorbis                                yes
  libvorbis_static                         yes
  libfdkaac                                no
  libfdkaac_static                         no
  libopus                                  yes
  libopus_static                           yes
  nvenc                                    no
  vaapi                                    yes
  mmal                                     no
  omx                                      no
  inotify                                  yes
  epoll                                    yes
  pcre                                     no
  pcre2                                    yes
  uriparser                                yes
  ccache                                   yes
  tvhcsa                                   yes
  bundle                                   no
  pngquant                                 no
  kqueue                                   no
  dbus_1                                   yes
  android                                  no
  gtimer_check                             no
  slow_memoryinfo                          no
  libsystemd_daemon                        no
  pcloud_cache                             yes
  ddci                                     yes
  cclang_threadsan                         no
  gperftools                               no
  execinfo                                 yes
  mmx                                      yes
  sse2                                     yes
  W_unused_result                          yes
  f_stack_protector                        yes
  f_stack_protector_strong                 yes
  f_stack_check                            yes
  f_PIE                                    yes
  fdatasync                                yes
  getloadavg                               yes
  atomic32                                 yes
  atomic64                                 yes
  atomic_time_t                            yes
  atomic_ptr                               yes
  bitops64                                 yes
  lockowner                                yes
  qsort_r                                  yes
  gmtoff                                   yes
  recvmmsg                                 yes
  sendmmsg                                 yes
  ifnames                                  yes
  py_gzip                                  yes
  bin_pkg_config                           yes
  bin_xgettext                             yes
  bin_msgmerge                             yes
  bin_gzip                                 yes
  bin_bzip2                                yes
  ssl                                      yes
  linuxdvbapi                              yes
  linuxdvb_ca                              yes
  upnp                                     yes
  bin_cmake                                yes
  stdcpp                                   yes
  libogg_static                            yes
  hwaccels                                 yes
  inotify_h                                yes
  inotify_init1                            yes
  dvbcsa                                   yes
  epoll_create1                            yes
  mpegts                                   yes
  mpegts_dvb                               yes

  openssl                                  1.1.1f
  zlib                                     1.2.11
  libpcre2-8                               10.34
  liburiparser                             0.9.3
  avahi-client                             0.7
  libva                                    1.7.0
  libva-drm                                1.7.0
  dbus-1                                   1.12.16

Installation paths:
  Prefix:                                  /usr/local
  Binaries:                                ${prefix}/bin
  Libraries:                               ${prefix}/lib
  Data files:                              ${prefix}/share
  Man pages:                               ${datadir}/man

Final Binary:

Tvheadend Data Directory:

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RE: Transcoding configuration problems Intel UHD 630 - Added by KenyBDG K. about 1 year ago


how I did it

$ ls -l /dev/dri/renderD129
crw-rw---- 1 root render 226, 129 Aug  7 20:16 /dev/dri/renderD129

Then I've changed group from render to video
$ sudo chgrp video /dev/dri/renderD129

$  ls -l /dev/dri/renderD129
crw-rw---- 1 root video 226, 129 Aug  7 20:16 /dev/dri/renderD129