UK FreeViewHD com7 missing

Added by Marc Ominus 9 months ago

Today I wanted to watch BBC News HD that was on ch. 107
But looking at the EPG there is no data for BBC News HD and other channels from that multiplex.

So looking around and nothing there,
searching on the web I found this
and other websites, but I missed it completely and I wonder why does not mentioned it ....

TV Guide reflects this change and the com7 channels are already missing ...

So I tried my other great source of info portal of UKFree.TV
and found a post by Chris.SE -
with links to FreeView -> Help -> Service Updates (where is it, how did he found it?)
and another link to
but no one explains why and when exactly we will see BBC Four HD and CBeebies HD back :(

But its a shame they have gone. Only 1 HD Mux available now :( and in France/Poland
they have already been testing 4K on Terestrial ......