ISDB-C Scan for Chili.

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I'm trying to make a scan of ISDB-C channels at TVHeadend for Chili.
All i know that ISDB-C for cable providers has frequencies from 700MHz to 2.6GHz
I do no know Symbol rate (Sym/s) and can't find anywhere possible transponder list.
The cable provider is VTR.

Just in case someone can help with that. I will be thankful!

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RE: ISDB-C Scan for Chili. - Added by Marc Ominus 12 months ago

Although not answer to your question,
I have been trying to tune to DVB-C J.83B in Mexico.

If you have access to TV that you can perform the scan
then every time it finds tv channels you will see on what Channel number it was
or perhaps it will show you additional info.

As well check the spec of that TV, what it supports.

And Samsung TV can display more information and multiplex info, if you hold "Info" button,
but here I only had LG TV and did not find how to get that extra info.

Once you get one frequency/channel name searching for the information becomes easier...

What ISDB-C card do you have/use?

RE: ISDB-C Scan for Chili. - Added by the man 12 months ago

Yes, seems TVset is the only way to find the frequencies.

The card is DigitalDevices Max M4 supports: DVB-S/S2, ISDB-S, DVB-C/C2, ISDB-C, J.83, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T.

RE: ISDB-C Scan for Chili. - Added by Marc Ominus 12 months ago

Did you have any luck?

RE: ISDB-C Scan for Chili. - Added by the man 12 months ago


Nope. It was not for me, but for friend. He tried to make a scan on TV, but there is no any frequency information.
I googled to find a transponder list for VTR cable provider for Chili - nothing at all!

I asked him to call to VTR support, but seems they also said nothing(((
So, for now, we stuck with that.

RE: ISDB-C Scan for Chili. - Added by Marc Ominus 11 months ago

I know that Samsung TV's will display the MUX information when press+holding the button "Info" until
the information appears on the screen, so maybe you could track down someone
with Samsung TV, and there may be other brands able to display such a information.

I remember when in Cuba and trying to get more information about their DTV service "DTMB",
people just do not understand technology now and why you would like to watch TV on PC etc.

Also reviewing manual for the TV can sometimes yield useful information :)

Visiting shop that sells TV as well as I have done it in Costa Rica and their DTV standard "ISDB-T" :)
I actually went to the office of the Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación, Tecnología y Telecomunicaciones
in San Jose there was just one guy that understud it and had all the dongles, antennas etc that the Japanese
donated to them so I got straight to the source :) Maybe a visit to VTR could be the option.
You are from EU and interested in the technology deployed by them ........

Looking at the models sold there and then looking up online information about the TV's one may have a clue in the manual ....

Out of interest, can you get some model numbers of TV's currently sold there to work with "Cable TV" providers, if any?

Calling in VTR engineer to fix problem (that does not exist) with TV signal and having a friendly chat could lead to some information etc. :)

What working TV/Box do you have access to?

RE: ISDB-C Scan for Chili. - Added by the man 11 months ago

Yeah, friend does not understand how it works(((
I'm trying to get information from him, but it is hard)))

Meanwhile i asked model of TV Set, etc.
Also i'm looking for any blindscan app, just in case give to it a start/end frequency and minimum step and make a deep scan for hours...

Just in case i will find a way to make a scan ISDB-T i will write results here.