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I am trying to get some channels (11647 V) working in TVH from 14.0W (
The mux scans OK and shows 1 service, but in the services tab there are none.
After doing some research it seems this mux uses something called T2-MI?
Is this something that TVH can support?
It seems my TBS 6908 is capable.
Also seems like several satellites use this T2-MI.


Edit: Forgot to add this link to software that supports this

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RE: Multistream? - Added by saen acro 28 days ago

T2-MI is noting to do with specific hardware, it's software solution.
This is a way to encapsulate multicast traffic to local broadcast tower IRD

RE: Multistream? - Added by Chris G 28 days ago

Yes I saw that but its 6 years old. Guess its not going to happen then.