Kathrein SAT>IP 418

Added by Stephen Neal almost 2 years ago

Hi all

Trying to help with this

Does anyone have any optimised settings for TV Headend and this model of SAT>IP tuner. They are getting a lot of continuity errors.

Also the poster hasn't been able to register here. Anyone know if there is an issue with email registration?

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RE: Kathrein SAT>IP 418 - Added by Flole Systems almost 2 years ago

Are there only continuity errors or also transport errors? Unfortunately I don't have such a device so I can't really give any advice specific to this server (donations are always welcome, so if someone from Kathrein is reading this, I would be more than happy to help, I just need the device).

I'm not aware of any issues with the registration and others have registered during the last few days, so I think it should work.