authentication bug? work-round for lack of persistent auth for playing recordings

Added by Paul M over 1 year ago

in my TVH epg, I wanted to be able to provide a user with a playlist file (m3u) and not have to enter a password to play back streams or recordings.

Streams works just fine with persistent auth, so for example this would work


but try as I might I couldn't get recordings to play back without needing to supply a username and password, certainly persistent auth is broken, this won't work:


so I tried putting in "username:[email protected]", old school embedded authentication creds, and it didn't work either, i.e. this causes VLC to demand username/pass:

http://someusername:[email protected]:9981/play/dvrfile/2222222222222222222222

and then by chance I found that a slightly different URL did work, this one works fine.

http://someusername:[email protected]:9981/dvrfile/2222222222222222222222

So DaveP, you might find this handy with your EPG to allow playback without having to re-authenticate.

BTW, I would recommend created a low-privileged user if you're doing this because you won't want to be putting the admin user/pass into a file which is left hanging around!