Issue: DVB-C scanning remains at 89%

Added by Mo Om 3 months ago


I am using an "Astrometa DVBT2"-stick which is working fine within Windows 10 on three different programms.
Sadly with TvHeadEnd the DVB-C scanning remains at 89% and doesn't go any further.

As listed in the docs I added the repository and installed tvheadend like this:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mamarley/tvheadend-git
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tvheadend -y

In the browser tvheadend is running on "localhost:9981", I went to "Configuration", "Start Wizard", "DVB-C"
with "Germany: Unitymedia", but then the DVB-C scanning remains at 89% with 423 services (see attachment).
(Windows finds ~496 services within about 5 Minutes with the same stick.)

When I cancel the process and map the found found services the channel-list is scrambeled and numbers have
been added to the found channel names (see other attachment).

The system was running fine for about 1.5 yaers. But after the provider in Germany changed from Unitymedia
to Vodafone a new scan was mandatory according the new provider. I decided to make a complete new installation
And thats where my TvHeadEnd-problems started. :-(

The issue can be seen on ARMbian (BananaPi Pro) and Linux Mint (x86).

Any ideas how to run a 100% DVC-C scan in TvHeadEnd?


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RE: Issue: DVB-C scanning remains at 89% - Added by saen acro 3 months ago

Disable epg grabbers except EIT