Multiple satellite services on one channel (when old service is about to be replaced by a new one)

Added by Martin Underwood 2 months ago

ITV are playing musical multiplexes at the moment and are moving the regional variants (eg ITV London, ITV Granada) of ITV1 from one multiplex to another. Rather than making one big change, all on the same day, they seem to be doing it piecemeal, one region at a time.

Consequently there are two services for some regional variants.

What would happen if I added both the old and new service to the same channel to ensure continuity during the changeover? Would TVHeadend use one of them (maybe the one with the lowest mux frequency), but try the other if the first-tried disappears altogether or stops transmitting the video/audio/subtitles streams? I realise that it will automatically try services in turn, in order of priority, if they are on different tuners, using the tuner's priority, but this is two services on the same tuner as highest priority, with other tuners (eg terrestrial) on lower priority.

As a matter of interest, if a new version of a channel is identified in the service list by its SID rather than the channel name, will this affect the service-to-channel mapping when an automatic re-scan later sees the channel with its proper name? The new variants of ITV are currently listed by SID rather than as "ITV", which I presume will change when the old variant is killed off.

ITV really win the award for the most convoluted and drawn-out changeover of channels from one mux to another ;-)