Recording(s) failed: No input source available for subscription

Added by Michael K 3 months ago


during the last weeks some recordings on my HTPC (Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS) with Tvheadend (4.2.8-36~g5bdcfd8ac) failed. Some days ago I captured the messages from dmesg, see

It states that there was "No input source available for subscription "DVR:...". I have a dual tuner Cine S2 V7A and both tuners should have been free at that time. The according message appears continously, even when the show is already over. It only stops when the tuner is required for another subscription. The other subscription works without any problems.

When the PC is already running it seems to work, but when it has to boot up first, it fails. The extra warmup time is set to 30s. Could that cause this issue if that wasn't enough?