Missing Freesat Bouquets

Added by Shane Meagher 5 months ago


I'm having an issue with missing Freesat bouquets, specifically the Northern Ireland bouquets (Northern Ireland SD, Northern Ireland HD, Northern Ireland G2).

When I turn on trace logging for tbl-base & bouquet and scan the 11425H mux, the bouquets are listed in the tbl-base trace output but they never appear on the bouquet trace output (unlike the other bouquets... England*, Scotland*, & Wales*).

The attached log was captured using a docker image running 4.3-1950 but I've also tested with a docker image running 4.2.8-36 where the bouquets are missing also.

The only obvious thing I can see different between the bouquets is an additional space in the name , e.g. "Northern_Ireland G2" vs "England G2" but I've no experience looking at the different tables to understand other differences.

Any other logging I should look at or info I can provide to aid debugging?


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trace of tbl-base & bouquet on 11425H.log (1.65 MB) trace of tbl-base & bouquet on 11425H.log Trace logging of tbl-base & bouquet on 11425H

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RE: Missing Freesat Bouquets - Added by Mark Clarkstone 5 months ago

You must also make sure you've enabled the epg/eit grabbers for freesat, then play a service on the freesat home transponder for at least a few minutes.

RE: Missing Freesat Bouquets - Added by Shane Meagher 5 months ago

Hi Mark,

I think there is more to it than the EPG settings as I do get all the England/Scotland/Wales bouquets to appear, but not the Northern Ireland ones.

The log also shows the Northern Ireland bouquets being found in tbl-base subsystem on the home transponder (11425H) but not being handled in the bouquet subsystem. Even while the England/Scotland/Wales bouquets are handled and displayed.