Issue with post processing job (comskip)

Added by jim bob 4 months ago

I apologize if this issue has been resolved elsewhere, but I cannot seem to figure it out. I am using comskip ( to detect commercials and create a cut file. I have TVHeadend configured with the following post-processing command:

/usr/local/bin/comskip -q --cuvid --ini="/home/hts/comskip.ini" "%f"

This works pretty flawlessly, but the problem is that the process does not seem to die and after a day or so, my CPU is pinned at 100% usage. When I remove the post-processing command, the issue dissapears. I found a thread from 7 years ago ( that is addressing the issue, but there was no resolution. I should also note that if I run the post processing command outside of TVH, it works fine and exits cleanly. I have attached some of the TVH log file and the output of htop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
TVH Version: 4.3.0~pre+202104021921-0~built202104031334~git98a7c6cfd~ubuntu20.04.1

htop.png (169 KB) htop.png
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RE: Issue with post processing job (comskip) - Added by Darren W 2 months ago

execute the command in the background by appending a space and then & like this: -

/usr/local/bin/comskip -q --cuvid --ini="/home/hts/comskip.ini" "%f" &

This returns control back to TVHeadend immediately after comskip starts... without the & it will run in the foreground and TVHeadend will timeout waiting for the script to complete.

RE: Issue with post processing job (comskip) - Added by jim bob 2 months ago

I was able to resolve the problem and it seems it was the result of a file permission issue and not with the post processing script itself. Thank you.