"EPG | Watch TV" always fails with "An unknown error occurred"

Added by Martin Underwood 4 months ago

TVH 4.2.8-36 running on either Raspberry Pi or Ubuntu x64 PC, viewed via 9981 site on Windows, Pi, Ubuntu using Firefox or (for Windows only) MS Edge.

On the EPG page (the initial page of the localhost:9981 site) there is a toolbar icon "Watch TV". This opens a window with dropdowns for channel and stream profile. But no matter what channel and/or stream I choose, I always get "An unknown error occurred".

I can still watch live TV from the Config | Channel page (click on the arrow beside a channel), so this can control the relevant tuner. The difference is that it uses an external player (VLC) rather than what I suspect is a player which is internal to TVH.

I'm curious as to whether there is something I'm doing wrong or whether the feature simply doesn't work. It affects both SD (MPEG) and HD (H264) broadcasts.

I'm using DVB-S(2) or DVB-T(2) in the UK.