TVheadend deletes recordings

Added by Patrick R 4 months ago

Good evening,

I have been using Tvheadend in a docker container for over a year now. Recently, it started deleting recordings, e. g.:

2021-03-19 02:35:00.000 [ INFO] dvr: Watched timer expiring "Some title"
2021-03-19 02:35:00.001 [ INFO] dvr: delete entry 0639b4803816c43d1efee039c0539353 "Some title" on "ZDFinfo HD" start time 2021-02-16 01:29:30, scheduled for recording by "", retention "On file removal" removal "Forever"

I am currently using version 4.3-1941~g817a8d4e4.

In the default profile, Recorded file(s) retention period is set to Forever, Atuomatically delete played recordings is set to Never. The Default profile is assigned to all recordings.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.