UK EPG Data Missing (Only Now & Next/Upcoming showing up)

Added by Andreas Stenger over 2 years ago


I got issues with the EPG data from UK Freeview (is this the correct term?) Channels.

My setup consists of the following:
Unraid server with TVHeadend Docker (
Two Selfsat IP21 pointed at Astra 19.2° and Astra 28.2°

The docker container itself is running fine, I am able to watch german and uk television.

However, I am just receiving epg data for the UK channels for the current and upcoming program.

Here is an example from a german (Das Erste) channel and a UK channel (BBC One HD).

If i switch to BBC One HD in Kodi the previous entries are shown and the next coming up.

I already activated the following OTA EPG grabbers in Configuration -> Channel/EPG -> EPG-Grabber Modules and reconfigured the OTA Update cycle in Configuration -> Channel/EPG -> EPG-Grabber

Also the epg grab is running under Status -> Subscriptions.

I saw that someone mentioned one specific mux (11426) for the EPG Grab, however I don't got anything on that mux...

I am a bit lost here. What to do next?



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RE: UK EPG Data Missing (Only Now & Next/Upcoming showing up) - Added by Adrian Smith over 2 years ago

Looks like you're on Freesat and not Freeview. Try manually setting the EPG grabber for the Freesat home transponder MUX (11425H) to "UK: Freesat". This is the only transponder that carries the full 7-day UK Freesat EPG - all others just carry the now/next information.

You may need to play with the EPG grabber priorities as well. Just for reference my settings are below (I have both Freeview and Freesat tuners in my system though):

Over-the-air EIT: EPG Grabber -> Priority 9
Over-the-air UK: Freesat -> Priority 5
Over-the-air UK Freesat(EIT) -> Priority 10
Over-the-air UK: Freeview -> Priority 4

RE: UK EPG Data Missing (Only Now & Next/Upcoming showing up) - Added by Andreas Stenger over 2 years ago

Ok, I tried that, however currently it doesn't work.

I enabled the Mux and set the EPG Module id to "UK: Freesat"

I changed my Priorities for the EPG Modules to the same as you. Furthermore, I re-triggered the OTA Update under "Configuration" -> "Channel/EPG" -> "EPG-Grabber".

The EPG Grab is running for about 2 hours and nothing has come up on Electronic Programm Guide...

RE: UK EPG Data Missing (Only Now & Next/Upcoming showing up) - Added by Adrian Smith over 2 years ago

First thing to do is change the "EPG scan time-out in seconds" in the "EPG Grabber" panel to something a lot smaller (mine is 300s or 5mins). You have a value of 7200 which is 2 hours!!! This is how long the EPG grabber will look at every single Mux trying to grab EPG data before it gives up!! I suspect the grabber is running on your system but barely got past the first MUX!

The EPG grabber will scan all of the Astra 28.2 Muxes you have defined in your "muxes" tab by default - and in your case will wait 2hrs on each before timing out. In theory, the system should have automatically set the grabber for all of the Astra muxes to "EIT: EPG Grabber". You have now set the Freesat home transponder (11425H) specifically to the Freesat EPG grabber. Personally, I set "EPG Scan" to disable and "EPG Module ID" to blank on all my other Astra muxes. This enables a very quick grab of the Freesat EPG each time the EPG grab process runs.

In summary:

1) set your EPG scan time out to something MUCH more sensible
2) optionally, disable the EPG scanning on all the Astra muxes other than 11425H

Item (1) will significantly speed things up BUT it may still take a couple of hours depending on what grabber has "automatically" been selected for the other muxes - since TVH will now tune to each MUX for e.g. 5mins and not 2 hours!

Item (2) will give the fastest Freesat EPG grab because it will only ever scan 11425H for the Freesat EPG.

RE: UK EPG Data Missing (Only Now & Next/Upcoming showing up) - Added by Andreas Stenger about 2 years ago

Ok, I tried the suggested steps. However still no EPG for me. I also waited a couple of days so that Tvheadend could repopulate the EPG data. For Reference, here are some screenshots.

Do I need to assign the EPG from the 11425H Transponder to BBC One HD for example? Tvheadend got a Freesat EPG grabber as well as a Freesat EPG (IET) grabber and i can only see the Freesat EPG grabber (without IET in the Mux Configuration).

RE: UK EPG Data Missing (Only Now & Next/Upcoming showing up) - Added by Adrian Smith about 2 years ago

Hmmm. Okay, so a few comments.

Your 60s timeout for the EPG grabber might be a little bit low. I'd go 120s at least.

But ... there might be something else at play here too.

I didn't pick up on it in your original screen shots but, if you were mapping the Freesat channels via the appropriate Bouquet, then BBC 1 HD would be on channel 106 and not 101. 101 would be your local BBC 1 regional channel in SD. The channels in your latest screenshot, on 501-504 are not in the Freesat EPG at all so you'll only ever get now/next information for them unless you import an EPG from another source.

You probably already know this but Freesat isn't a broadcaster. Freesat is really "just" an EPG. The Freesat data also defines the services -> channels mappings via a series of Bouquets. In your Configuration -> Channel/EPG -> Bouquets tab you should see a load of BSkyB Bouquets but also all the Freesat ones (the "source" column shows the ones that have come from Freesat). Freesat have three different bouquets for each UK region: SD, HD and G2 - see screenshot for the one I'm using as an example.

I'm guessing you have mapped your channels manually which is why you're not getting the EPG. For a "pure" Freesat setup you would not map the services to channels manually. You would go to the Bouquets tab and tick the appropriate HD bouquet for your region. The channels would be mapped automagically for you and the EPG would work. Of course, you can map additional channels to numbers unused by Freesat as well, but the Freesat channels should be mapped via the Bouquet. That's how I do it and it all works flawlessly.

I don't believe that you can manually assign the Freesat EPG data to channels that you have mapped yourself.

There is another way though. You could use the over-the-air grabber for OpenTv SkyUK. You need to scan a different Mux for that (afraid I can't remember which one - this link may or may not be accurate:

I have tried this EPG grabber in the past. It does indeed pull down a full 7-day EPG, and the channels can be mapped automatically/manually. I think for automatic mapping the channel numbers have to match the Sky channel numbers but I'm not 100% on that. I found it too high maintenance if I'm honest. I'm happy with the Freesat setup that "just works".

Hope this helps.

RE: UK EPG Data Missing (Only Now & Next/Upcoming showing up) - Added by Adrian Smith about 2 years ago

Sorry - forgot to attach the screenshot to my previous post.