Use a image as channel

Added by Josu Lazkano 8 months ago


I want to use a image as a channel, the image could located in the same tvheadend server or accesible from a URL.

The idea is that the image is updated every X minutes and I want to show this image as a channel in tvheadened.

Is it possible to configure this with IPTV network? Or other way?

I will really appreciate your help.

Kind regards.

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RE: Use a image as channel - Added by Lisa White 8 months ago

Yes you can. You would have to create a directory and folder and give it permission 777 within linux. On tvheadend side select "general and base, channel icon path" tab, and direct the location to the directory that you stored your image. Add the image to the channel that you want it for. For example: file:///home/hts/icons/MY IMAGE.png. This is how I have my system setup and it works great. I had no luck with the creators method.

Good luck,

RE: Use a image as channel - Added by Ron L 8 months ago

If you can figure out the correct ffmpeg command to create a mpegts video from this auto updating image then you can create an IPTV channel using the pipe:///usr/bin/ffmpeg ....... pipe:1 method.