Locast interface (appliance)

Added by G Kazaroth 7 months ago

TVHeadend-Locast version 0.8.4o (5/28/2021, stable)
Product is called cabernet for (Cable Network)
Working on getting a service that will take the Locast server stream, clean it and feed it into TVHeadend and other DVRs (Also tested on Emby and Plex). It works on the subscription and free versions. Also it runs on Linux and Windows as a service. Windows has a installer. Once installed, setup is easy with TVHeadend.
1) Setup the automatic IPTV network (recommend new URL is http://[host]:6077/Locast/channels.m3u)

Make sure to set the "Maximum # input streams". Locast has a max of 4 and tvheadend uses 2 per tuner during initial screening. Doing a force scan will create the mux and service values. Also, turn View level to Advanced and set the Re-fetch period (mins) to 1460. TVheadend has a tenancy to cause issues when channels change (Changed Services will not be mapped to channels). Doing a Force Scan every few weeks ensures control.
2) Next you can setup the grabber. I use a URL grabber written in Unix bash and is an extremely small file. It can be found in the github repo at called tv_grab_url
Place the grabber file in the same location as the other TVHeadend tv_grab* files, change the permissions to executable and restart TVHeadend. This should allow TVHeadend to pickup the new grabber. While in the grabber list, make sure and disable any OTA grabbers. Stations no longer send this information and will only cause TVHeadend to use a tuner for scanning. Displaying the log window by clicking the three ^ in the bottom right is helpful at this time.

Have the grabber run and populate the EPG data into the EPG Grabber Channels tab. The log should show a quantity of channels were detected.
Pop over to the EPG Grabber tab and disable the OTA grabber cron. Also, update/replace the Internal grabber cron schedule using something like below. The example will pull the TV guide at 6:04am and 5:52pm. Add more if you need. It is recommended to use static cron times.

4 6 * * *
52 17 * * *

3) In the Channel view, select Map all channels.

This will tie the services, EPG and channels together, automatically. After this, re-grab the EPG data. This will populate the EPG tab with shows. I also updated the Number column with the channel number.
4) Display the TVGUIDE. This appliance has special features which maps the tvheadend genre, giving colors on tvguides. It also has enhanced guide descriptions and optional additional channel notations if you use many streams. Below is the Kodi tvguide using the pvr.hts plugin.

For Kodi, go to the settings for PVR and turn on the General setting "Use channel numbers from backend".

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RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by Sean Micklem about 2 months ago

When you say "Here is what is in this update", what update are you talking about? When I go to the last release I see is 0.7.5c from 29 days ago.

I see you are still working on it so maybe you are referring to a beta version? I'm happy to wait for the next full release and am looking forward to it, but just trying to understand what you mean here. Glad to see that you are making progress in any case!

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 2 months ago

It is currently an alpha version, not released (0.8.0-alpha). People that wish are trying it, but if you want a stable release, stay with version 7. To try the alpha, you need to download the zip of the source and unzip it into your current install. We already have people that found 3 bugs that have been fixed on the current main branch. Once we get the upgrade complete, it will go to a beta release candidate (RC). It is looking like about 10 days to go for the upgrade work. As indicated by the major release number incremented, it will be a major change from version 7.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 2 months ago

An interesting piece of information on using ffmpeg. I have fixed ffmpeg to basically do the same thing as the internal-proxy, so it should be the same; however, I have found that ffmpeg will remove 9 frames of the m3u8 stream when launching ffmpeg. It does not do this if you import a file directly, but the m3u8 interface will lose 9 frames. Each TS file contains 180 frames (6 sec * 30 fps), so the first TS import by ffmpeg will produce only 171 frames. This means when the stream is refreshed, tvheadend will miss 9 frames causing a discontinuity error during the recording. This is a mild impact and tvheadend does work through it. Since ffmpeg has this limitation, I would recommend not using it when refresh requirements exist like they do with locast. Finished the ffmpeg port. Now working on porting the PTS code. Once done, you should be able to filter by URL or by PTS with the same result.

On a different note. The reason we have stream filtering (whether by URL or PTS) is because tvheadend validates the ATSC stream and will not allow corrupted packets. We remove the corrupted packets and that allows tvheadend to record the shows. Most other DVR apps do no checking and just save the stream, which is why other DVR apps could save the locast stream without any changes.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

New beta release candidate 0.8.0-RC1 has been pushed out.
Windows installer and source are available. Although, the inside code is a major change, the user changes should be minor. If you use personal icons, those may need to be re-installed into tvheadend. Configuration changes are major. The config.ini file can be placed in either the top level folder or in the data folder and should contain the following lines:

    login-username = [username]
    login-password = [password]

Most of the defaults are setup so it will run out of the box with Locast. Some other configurations you may be interested in are:
    # To remove icon urls from the xmltv.xml file
    epg_channel_icon = False
    epg_program_icon = False

    # To add HD and SD tags into tvheadend for each HD channel and SD channel
    m3u-group_hdtv = Locast HDTV
    m3u-group_sdtv = Locast SDTV

    # To change the log level to INFO
    level = INFO

    # Point to a folder with background images
    backgrounds = [/media/disk/pictures/backgrounds]

Of course, all of these parameters are settable from the GUI at http://[host]:6077/ Updates to the GUI make it better with a phone or tablet.
Next update will include channel configuration webpage.
Realize that the URLs are modular and the tvheadend m3u url should probably be set to
It is not required, but if you plan to add other plugins in the future, this would be the appropriate URL for now.
Once you try it, if you have questions, let me know.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

Well, I pushed out RC3 and some major changes.
- Removed the requests module to help with windows support. Now using internal python modules
- Completed work on instances. It now works with Locast. Recommend removing the db files with the upgrade.
- Added the ability to add a number to the prefix of a channel number. So 4.1 with a prefix of 100 makes 104.1. If the prefix is a string, then it is just prepended.
Some of locast config parameters are instance-based while others are plugin-based. As an example, the username/password is plugin-based, while the group tags are instance based. To start, enter the following
login-username = <username>
login-password = <password>

label = <any test string you want. It appears as a tab in the configuration view>

As an example:
login-username =
login-password = MyFinePassword

label = Locast Denver

Don't use hyphens in the section name, they have special properties in the software. If you want to try a second instance, you will need a zipcode from that DMA area and add the following lines

label = <any test string you want. It appears as a tab in the configuration view>
overrides-zipcode = <zipcode in the city that locast has support>

You need to change the display filter to Advanced to see it on the GUI. Then to use the instances (let us say you have Locast/Denver and Locast/Dallas) use the following urls:

If you leave off the instance, it will merge the two sites into one file. Crazy huh? Since we have only one plugin, then the following two URLs have the same result:

It is very possible Locast may not like both running at the same time, so you are on your own if you use multiple sites. I did it to get the instance software working.


RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by Sean Micklem about 1 month ago

G Kazaroth wrote:

It is very possible Locast may not like both running at the same time, so you are on your own if you use multiple sites. I did it to get the instance software working.

Many thanks for your work on this. I haven't got around to trying it yet, have been busy today, but I do have one question about the above. What if you made two Locast accounts and used a different one for each city? In other words, instead of

login-username =
login-password = MyFinePassword

Could you do

login-username =
login-password = MyFinePassword
label = Locast Dallas

login-username =
login-password = AnotherFinePassword
label = Locast Denver

Or would that not work?

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

How about this. If the user/pass exists at the plugin level, then it uses that for all instances. If it is does not, then it will use the instance ones only. If those do not exists, the instance will be disabled and logged as such. Should not be too big a deal to implement that.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

0.8.1 published with the ability as defined above for locast authentication.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

0.8.1 published with the ability as defined above for locast authentication.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by Sean Micklem about 1 month ago

G Kazaroth wrote:

0.8.1 published with the ability as defined above for locast authentication.

Well I gave it a quick test this morning but when I sent the m3u list to VLC it could not tune any channels and I got errors like this on the display when running it using "python3":

Exception happened during processing of request from (redacted)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/", line 316, in _handle_request_noblock
    self.process_request(request, client_address)
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/", line 347, in process_request
    self.finish_request(request, client_address)
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/", line 360, in finish_request
    self.RequestHandlerClass(request, client_address, self)
  File "/home/test/tvheadend-locast/lib/clients/", line 168, in __init__
    super(CustomHttpHandler, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/home/test/tvheadend-locast/lib/clients/", line 55, in __init__
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/", line 720, in __init__
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/http/", line 426, in handle
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/http/", line 414, in handle_one_request
  File "/home/test/tvheadend-locast/lib/clients/", line 79, in do_GET
    self.do_tuning(sid, query_data['name'], query_data['instance'])
  File "/home/test/tvheadend-locast/lib/clients/", line 131, in do_tuning
    self.internal_proxy.stream_direct(station_list[sid], self.wfile)
  File "/home/test/tvheadend-locast/lib/streams/", line 57, in stream_direct
    stream_uri = self.get_stream_uri(_channel_dict)
  File "/home/test/tvheadend-locast/lib/streams/", line 62, in get_stream_uri
    .plugin_obj.get_channel_uri(_channel_dict['uid'], _channel_dict['instance'])
  File "/home/test/tvheadend-locast/plugins/provider_video_locast/lib/", line 56, in get_channel_uri
    return self.locast_instances[_instance].get_channel_uri(sid)
  File "/home/test/tvheadend-locast/plugins/provider_video_locast/lib/", line 69, in get_channel_uri
    return self.channels.get_channel_uri(sid)
  File "/home/test/tvheadend-locast/lib/common/", line 44, in wrapper_func
    return f(self, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/home/test/tvheadend-locast/lib/common/", line 29, in wrapper_func
    return f(self, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/home/test/tvheadend-locast/plugins/provider_video_locast/lib/", line 128, in get_channel_uri
    'authorization': 'Bearer ' + self.locast.auth.token,
TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "NoneType") to str

This is what my config.ini looks like, I have replaced the city name with "city" and anything else that might be unique to my system I xxx'd out, I just wanted you to see the general format I have in case I removed something I shouldn't have:

login-username = [email protected]
login-password = xxx
label = Locast city
overrides-zipcode = XXXXX
dma = XXX
city = city
m3u-group_hdtv = Locast city HDTV
m3u-group_sdtv = Locast city SDTV
epg-suffix = X

epg_suffix = X
epg_channel_icon = False
epg_program_icon = False

keys = root

level = WARNING
handlers = loghandler

keys = loghandler

keys = extend,simple

class = StreamHandler
formatter = extend
args = (sys.stdout,)

format = %(asctime)s-%(levelname)s:%(module)s %(message)s

format = %(levelname)s:%(module)s %(message)s

uuid = xxx

hdhr_id = xxx

That's about all I can do with it for right now but just wanted to let you know about the errors.

EDIT: P.S. Don't know if this has anything to do with it but the m3u file still has tvg-logo links in it. Also my suspicion is that the link in the m3u file may be wrong, the format it is in now is http://ipaddress:port/Locast/watch/channelid, that /Locast was not in previous versions but anyway I am wondering if the instance name should be in there somewhere or something??? Anyway there is no video stream there, apparently, and VLC tried several channels (when one failed it would go to the next) and none worked.

P.P.S. Also wasn't paying attention before but when I first start it up it shows a bunch of warnings (data redacted same as above):

2021-05-09 12:33:53,041-WARNING:user_config DEFN None for section:locast_city key:login-username value:
2021-05-09 12:33:53,042-WARNING:user_config DEFN None for section:locast_city key:login-password value:xxx
2021-05-09 12:33:53,042-WARNING:user_config DEFN None for section:locast_city key:label value:Locast city
2021-05-09 12:33:53,042-WARNING:user_config DEFN None for section:locast_city key:overrides-zipcode value:XXXXX
2021-05-09 12:33:53,043-WARNING:user_config DEFN None for section:locast_city key:dma value:XXX
2021-05-09 12:33:53,043-WARNING:user_config DEFN None for section:locast_city key:city value:city
2021-05-09 12:33:53,043-WARNING:user_config DEFN None for section:locast_city key:m3u-group_hdtv value:Locast city HDTV
2021-05-09 12:33:53,044-WARNING:user_config DEFN None for section:locast_city key:m3u-group_sdtv value:Locast city SDTV
2021-05-09 12:33:53,044-WARNING:user_config DEFN None for section:locast_city key:epg-suffix value:X
2021-05-09 12:33:53,044-WARNING:user_config DEFN None for section:epg key:epg_suffix value:X
2021-05-09 12:33:53,045-WARNING:user_config DEFN None for section:locast key:enabled value:False

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

That is from 0.8.1. Try the latest version 0.8.1b. I noticed that this morning and fixed it.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

A review of your config, data and logs...
You have epg-suffix also listed in [epg] ... recommend removing the line. It is available at the instance level only as you have it set.

The rest of the config file looks fine. The m3u file is suppose to have "Locast" in the URL. Probably should also have the instance, but should not be an issue since the UID should be unique for Locast no matter what city you use. It would be an issue if two plugins used the same UID, so that is why the m3u has the namespace "Locast" in the URL.

The WARNINGS were something I accidentally left in 0.8.1 for debugging. It has been removed in 0.8.1b.

Thanks for providing the information.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by Sean Micklem about 1 month ago

Thank you! I downloaded 0.8.1b and it is working now with one instance, VLC plays all the channels I tried with no problems. I will try to do some more tests tonight or tomorrow but so far so good. I did remove that second epg-suffix line, thanks for the heads up on that!

EDIT: Added another instance today (May 10); it seems to be working great. Thanks much! I assume (hope) you are working on the channel editor now; that's the one more thing I'd really like to see is the ability to exclude unwanted channels. However what you have accomplished so far is very impressive!

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

Thanks for the shout out. I was really hoping someone would mention, "the app looks great". Personally, I really enjoy the look and feel. I have been developing websites since mid-1990s, but never did any css until now. Next major update is the editor. Pushed out a number of small updates to clean things up. Current version is 0.8.3. I had a non-techie user try the windows installer and found a number of issues, so the installer got a face lift, and those are now resolved. Also made some changes associated with when the DMA changes, like when traveling, it now cleans up the database and refreshes with the new DMA data.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by Sean Micklem about 1 month ago

Well first of all it really does look great, I especially enjoy the springtime theme you have chosen. I tend not to say much about appearance anymore because many years ago I was talking about a piece of software and said that the interface was well designed, well it turned out that was the one part of the software that the main author hadn't written and he got a little bent out of shape because that was the first thing I'd mentioned, and not how well it worked. So since then, commenting on appearance is typically something I tend to leave for others. Anyway just wanted to say that I updated to 0.8.3 and it works fine, then I tried adding a third instance and that worked until I clicked on the link for the xmltv.xml file in my browser, then I saw this in the terminal window

2021-05-11 17:21:54,679-WARNING:web_handler [] "GET /pages/channels.html?area=general HTTP/1.1" 404 -
2021-05-11 17:21:56,710-WARNING:web_handler [] "GET /pages/channels.html?area=general HTTP/1.1" 404 -
2021-05-11 17:25:36,287-WARNING:web_handler [] "GET /web/index.html HTTP/1.1" 404 -

And then the system froze up and I had to reboot! Went back down to two instances and then it worked again, so my suspicion is that it is a memory issue of some kind. Normally I would never need three instances anyway so just was testing it, but I am wondering if creating that combined xmltv.xml file uses quite a bit of memory. I do realize that I could get the xmltv.xml file for each instance separately (which I assume would take less memory) so this is really not a big deal. Anyway as long as I stick to two instances everything I have tried seems to work, so thanks for the update!

By the way I likely won't have time to test anything else until the end of the week, but I should be able to do more this weekend, hopefully.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

On the xmltv.xml, I initially thought about sending a day at a time to the browser to help with memory, but for now, did not implement that. Maybe after the editor, I can make a few updates to reduce EPG memory requirements.
For the 404 warnings, you clicked on the Channel Editor which is in work and disabled giving you unknown results. Not sure how you got the /web/index.html to appear, but the others are from clicking on the Channel Editor. To test the Channel Editor, I made a copy of the Locast plugin folder (called it Locast2) and now I am running with 2 Locast plugins each with 2 instances. I should have the editor running to some degree by Friday/Saturday.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

Still working on the channel editor. Hope to be ready late Friday. I was excited on a couple of new functions that are finished for the next release.
- Enable debug logging to the data/logs area. By default it will be off, but with people having problems finding the log, this makes it easier. Two separate log levels. One for system logging and one for file logging. Each can be enabled and disabled from the logging configuration.
- Since the tuners are accessed at a plugin level and not an instance, I implemented a cool feature to load balance via round robin the tuners. The next release will have this ability when the same city is applied to two instances. It will load balance the tuners between them, which will allow 8 tuners to be available instead of 4. You will need to up the tuner count, accordingly.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

Here it is. Did as much testing as possible and should be stable. Be aware that the channel editor is working, but additional features are wanted.

New in this release:
  • Logging to file in data/logs/ area added as well as enable/disable logging to syslog or file
  • Tuner load balancing is automatically enabled and used when two or more instances of a plugin contain the same channels (like when Locast instances are for the same city). Doing this will increase the number of tuners the system can use from the provider. Make sure to increase the plugin tuner count in order to use the additional tuners.
  • Channel Editor: working, but table sort and filtering are not enabled. Additional feature will be forthcoming.
Updates needed with install:
  • Remove [loggers] section from config file to allow reconfiguration of the logging parameters.
  • Delete all database files from data/db/

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

I found a few channel bug and made some fixes. Release order seems to be an issue on github, so look for 0.8.4a please.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by Sean Micklem about 1 month ago

Well I tried the new versions today, the channel editor appears to be working great now. For future reference (when you run out of other things to work on) it might be nice to have a couple of toggle buttons that would enable/disable all HD, or all SD channels, and also maybe an "invert selection" button that would invert the checked status of all channels. But those are very minor things because once you've gone though and selected the channels you want or don't want, you probably won't need to do it again any time soon.

The bigger issue I am seeing with the new version is that when I send the channel list to VLC, for some reason VLC skips over a lot of channels rather than playing them. I don't know if this is a VLC issue or an issue in the software but I do know that every time it happens I see a couple of lines like this:

2021-05-15 17:59:18,323-WARNING:web_tuner Unknown channel id ###
2021-05-15 17:59:18,323-WARNING:web_handler [ ip address ] "GET /Locast/watch/### HTTP/1.1" 501 -

Where ### is the channel ID. I don't recall seeing this with previous versions. I am testing with three instances now and the problem strikes random channels on all instances. My belief is that something is not waiting long enough for a channel to "lock in" because when it skips a channel it does so very quickly, and often will quickly skip the next three or four channels in the list (give or take) before finding one it likes. Sometimes if you go back and click on a channel again it will play it, or it may take several tries, or it may not work at all. I have only tested this in VLC so far, it is quite possible that this might not be an issue in Tvheadend but I need to make some changes to the backend configuration before I can test that. Have you ever encountered this in VLC?

Other than that, using three instances doesn't appear to be a problem now, and I was able to get a xmltv.xml file with only my selected channels without crashing the system, so either that is fixed, or just reducing the number of channels causes it to not use so much memory.

Quick question, when I upgraded to the 0.8.4a version this afternoon I lost my edited channels list. Normally what I do with a new version (in Linux) is unzip the source file into a new directory, then copy the config file from the current directory to the new one, then rename the current and new directories so that the new one has the same name as the previous (tvheadend-locast). This has always worked in the past but today it lost the editing I had done on the channels list. I suspect what I should have done is copy the data directory to the new version's directory but didn't know if doing that would mess anything up since you had told us to delete the contents of that directory before installing 0.8.4. But if I had copied or moved the data directory over would that have preserved my channels list without causing any other issues?

Thank you again for all you are doing on this!

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

I check the channels through vlc and all worked fine. The 501 error - Unknown channel means the database does not know about that channel uid within the Locast plugin. You can request a list of channel uids it knows from the url http://ip:6077/Locast/lineup.json. For the test, I had two same instances with different enable and disable settings.
Have I encountered where VLC has issues playing a channel? Yes, found on many weak channels. We went to the Locast website and found the same channels are having issues there as well. I just got a new one. I received a 430 Unknown Channel error from Locast on a channel that my local antenna says it has been offline for a few days. Hope it is not gone permanently, but things do change.

Not sure what you mean editing in the channels list in the past. Before 0.8.4a, you were unable to edit the channel list without a DB editor. Your method in general works, but I did mention that you needed to remove the [loggers] section in the config.ini so the log setting can be reset. As for the upgrade, the channels database files had new columns added, so the easy solution was to remove the files and have them re-generated, since no edits were available before 0.8.4a. For the future, part of the enhancements is to allow for the databases to be backed up so your edits do not get lost on an upgrade. At this point, changes to the database will need to be handled carefully since edits are available.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by Sean Micklem about 1 month ago

I was not saying I was able to edit the channels list in the past, I was saying that I have always used the same method of upgrading in the past, creating a new directory and copying my settings from the old one and then renaming both. When I did both upgrades today I did remove the [loggers] section. All I was asking is, when doing an upgrade how do I not lose any channel edits I have made? Of course this was not a problem in the past because you could not do channel edits. It was only a problem when I went from 0.8.4 to 0.8.4a.

As for those 501 errors, why they are so confusing to me is that I am clicking on the link that goes to http://ip:6077/channels.m3u (the one that reads "channels.m3u: M3U formatted channel list") and my web browser asks me if I want to download it or open with VLC (it downloads in either case). I say open with VLC and that is where VLC is getting the channel list from. If I open http://ip:6077/Locast/lineup.json it is giving me the same list, just in a different format. I can look at the errors that VLC is throwing and see that they contain the same URLs that are in the lineup.json file. If I cut it back to a single instance the problem goes away. You may not be seeing it because you are testing two same instances that only have different enable and disable settings. I was testing using three different instances with different logins and also specifying different overrides in each instance. The channel lineups were all mixed together in the channels lists (sorted by channel number rather than by instance) so it was trying to quickly switch from one lineup to another (because when VLC fails it immediately tries the next item in the list; I REALLY wish there were a way to shut that off, it is one thing I hate about VLC!) but still that should not have been an issue because each instance had its own login. But as I say if I went back a single instance then it seems to work fine and not skip channels (by the way it also lost all my channel edits again when I did that, but that's not my main concern). So I am not sure what is going on.

EDIT: I guess that for now you really have to go in and delete the files in the data directory if you are removing instances, otherwise some data from the removed instances remains and it tends to confuse the program (for example you still see tabs for the removed instances).

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

With your new information I was able to reproduce the error. It is caused by rapid channel changes and has nothing to do with the number of instances. 0.8.4b is released with the fix. The interesting point on the fix, if you wait until the previous channel disconnects, then the error does not exist. To upgrade, you don't have to change the data folder. Just overlay the source. This will be the standard from now on as stated earlier.

For the VLC doing the channel changing thing... I do not have a fix, however, setting the VLC to not auto-play fixes a lot of the issue. It no longer plays the first channel in the list and I then can select the channel I want to watch.

For database instance management... Software has been updated to automatically take into consideration adding instances, changing instances (like changing cities), but not deleting instances. You are correct that removing the instance from the database has not been implemented. I was expecting to make it part of the database management or plugin management sections. Plugin management will be where plugins and instances are added and removed. Database management is where people that change the config directly can make the changes, perform backups and restores.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by G Kazaroth about 1 month ago

In the meantime, if you want to backup the database, you can try DB Browser
It is what I use and has the ability to backup the data in a JSON format. You can also select and remove rows fairly easily. Just point to one of the files and open it.

RE: Locast interface (appliance) - Added by Sean Micklem about 1 month ago

I happened to look and saw you had released 0.8.4b, and it fixes the issue I mentioned in my previous posts. All the channels in all instances are working reliably now, did not see a single skip. Great job! And thanks much!!

EDIT: I had this page open in my browser so did not see your two posts above before I posted this, but thanks also for that information, glad you were able to track it down. I'm not too worried about the issue with deleting instances since once I get it configured the way I want, I doubt I will ever change it or remove an instance. It definitely won't be a frequent occurrence.