DaddyLive, PlutoTV, XUMO, M3U/XMLTV, SamsungTV, Plex, TVGuide interfaces (appliance)

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Cabernet for (Cable Network) version 0.9.12 (4/13/2023)
TVGuide, DaddyLive, PlutoTV, XUMO, M3U/XMLTV, SamsungTV, Plex

Provides a configurable interface from providers to TVHeadend.

  • Direct streaming plugins for DaddyLive, PlutoTV, XUMO
  • EPG supplemented using data
  • M3U Plugin provides channels for: SamsungTVPlus, Plex, PBS, Stirr, and others
  • From:
  • Import your own M3U file
Purpose is to get a service that will take the DaddyLive, PlutoTV or XUMO server stream, clean it and feed it into TVHeadend and other DVRs (Also tested on Emby, JellyFin and Plex). Also it runs on Linux, Windows as a service and Docker. Windows has a installer. Once installed, setup is easy with TVHeadend. Also includes a plugin to obtain TVGuide data.

1) Setup the automatic IPTV network (recommend new URL is http://[host]:6077/PlutoTV/channels.m3u)

Make sure to set the "Maximum # input streams". PlutoTV is set to a max of 4 and tvheadend uses 2 per tuner during initial screening. Doing a force scan will create the mux and service values. Also, turn View level to Advanced and set the Re-fetch period (mins) to a very large number. TVheadend has a tenancy to cause issues when channels change (Changed Services will not be mapped to channels). The Maximum Timeout is used to wait for a reply during a Forced scan. Recommend keep this low, like 15-20 seconds. Some of the channels may fail, but it is faster than having a high setting and waiting for all channels to scan. Just individually rescan those that failed by setting each mux back to PEND from IDLE.
2) Next you can setup the grabber. I use a URL grabber written in Unix bash and is an extremely small file. It can be found in the github repo at called tv_grab_url
Place the grabber file in the same location as the other TVHeadend tv_grab* files, change the permissions to executable and restart TVHeadend. This should allow TVHeadend to pickup the new grabber. While in the grabber list, make sure and disable any OTA grabbers. Stations no longer send this information and will only cause TVHeadend to use a tuner for scanning. Displaying the log window by clicking the three ^ in the bottom right is helpful at this time.

Have the grabber run and populate the EPG data into the EPG Grabber Channels tab. The log should show a quantity of channels were detected.
Pop over to the EPG Grabber tab and disable the OTA grabber cron. Also, update/replace the Internal grabber cron schedule using something like below. The example will pull the TV guide at 6:04am and 5:52pm. Add more if you need. It is recommended to use static cron times.

4 6 * * *
52 17 * * *

3) In the Channel view, select Map all channels.

This will tie the services, EPG and channels together, automatically. After this, re-grab the EPG data. This will populate the EPG tab with shows. For TVH version 4.3, the Number column will auto-populate. For TVH 4.2, you will need to manually add channel numbers.
4) Display the TVGUIDE. This appliance has special features which maps the tvheadend genre, giving colors on tvguides. It also has enhanced guide descriptions and optional additional channel notations if you use many streams. Below is the Kodi tvguide using the pvr.hts plugin.

For Kodi, go to the settings for PVR and turn on the General setting "Use channel numbers from backend".