Hauppage 955Q / RPI2B issues

Added by Gord Snarr about 2 months ago

HTS Tvheadend 4.2.6-84~g81f56cc89
Raspberry pi 2B, Stretch OS (ran updates this am)

The receiver device seems fine when installed in laptop so I (think) it's ok.

When I power up the pi everything works fine, it scans ATSC channels like it's supposed to, all good. I use KODI as the front-end on a different computer in a different building through a local wired LAN.
Next day, no channels. Restart TVHeadEnd, do a scan , nothing. Re-boot pi, still won't scan in anything. I have to physically go and unplug the power (to the Pi) and plug it back in. Then the happauge stick powers up with the light on etc, I can go home and do a scan and channels work again... until next day.
Started doing this about a month ago, maybe an update?

-made sure "power save" wasn't enabled in the device setup
-RPI2B always accessible via SSH and TVHeadEnd web GUI
-using a powered USB hub that can supply 3a at 5.2v to the device, checks out under load (use a hacked USB cable to check voltage when Hauppage stick installed and operating)
-only the Hauppage device connected via USB. Nothing else.

Anyhting else I should be looking at? I could easily be missing something.

Should I upgrade the Pi to Buster?

Tnx in advance!


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RE: Hauppage 955Q / RPI2B issues - Added by Brian C about 1 month ago

I have a similar issue (Stretch on RPi 3B+, different USB tuner), but usually a reboot is one way to solve it.
In my case, it seems to be a driver issue. Unbind/bind the USB devices corrects it. Here's a script I use, but caution -- it does ALL USB devices.

for i in /sys/bus/usb/drivers/*/*:*; do
  [ -e "$i" ] || continue
  echo "${i##*/}" > "${i%/*}/unbind" 
  echo "${i##*/}" > "${i%/*}/bind" 

After running that, it cures my tuner issues temporarily (no need to reboot the RPi).
Since finding that (poor) solution, I've tightened it up to only unbind/bind the USB tuner.
Ultimately, I need to find a better way to fix this or get a tuner that works better. For now, this is just a system I play with for the occasional TV program recording so I deal with the pain.
Maybe this at least helps you narrow down where the problem is and find a path on how to make it work.

RE: Hauppage 955Q / RPI2B issues - Added by Gord Snarr about 1 month ago

I have found re-booting the pi does work now most of the time. Easy to log in via SSH and reboot. Restarting the USB port(s) would likely work as well, might try this next time. Maybe setting up a chron to either reboot the pi or restart the USB ports might be an idea too.
Thank you for your reply Brian!