Added by Steven Fields almost 3 years ago


My TVheadend server now has a new network - I didn't add it but it is there...!

Has anyone else seen this?

It has loads of new TV channels, but via the Internet not my TV tuner? - They are from all over the world, and most of them work..!

I've attached a screenshot.. more than happy to attach more...

Thanks in advance

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RE: Hacked? - Added by saen acro almost 3 years ago

Do you use any authentication?

RE: Hacked? - Added by Steven Fields almost 3 years ago


I just set it up using the wizard.. so I set up user for Kodi and a user for streaming to my phone.. I'm not sure about authentication ( I'm a newbie)


RE: Hacked? - Added by clint jones over 2 years ago

Thats cool

I had ports open to the internet for the phone for a while ports 9981 and 9982 and saw people continually trying to connect, I am pretty sure they were just scanners

like leaving ssh on 22 your log file will fill up with attempts

possible somebody guessed your password or you have one entry with no password

you can open higher ports that scanners don't look for like 25000 and 25001 and link those to the 9981 and 9982 in your router