Black screen adjust frame rate

Added by BrysonParker BrysonParker 2 months ago

Hi there, I just enabled the option to adjust the frame rate at the start and stop of a file. seems to work all good so far.

my problem now is, that the file seems to start while kodi or the tv is still adjusting. so i have that black screen for 2-3 seconds also no sound but when the file shows up playing its already in those couple of seconds. no big deal but i hate that when watching last airbender, the intro misses the "water" from the elements listing...

maybe im missing an option? is there a way so that the file will wait with starting until my tv or kodi is ready and giving me a picture?

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RE: Black screen adjust frame rate - Added by saen acro 2 months ago

Guessing you use some android TV with Kodi.
Tvheadend Live Channel

Tv's have budget phone specs

RE: Black screen adjust frame rate - Added by Curly Blackberry 2 months ago

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