RPi 4 Tvheadend Build: 4.3-1855 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v9.1.901.444 (2019-11-17T10:25:50+0000) can't move satellite dish diseqc 1.2 positioner

Added by Angelo Ongaro over 3 years ago

my set-up is this:
RPi4 with Libreelec 9.2 and a nightly RPi4-service.tvheadend42-4.3-1855 that I had to use instead of the official Tvheadend add-on to have the CI of my TBS 5580 multi standard USB adapter be seen by Tvheadend. I have a Diseqc 1.2/1.1 satellite positioner where I have already memorized a number of satellite positions. If I set up my DVB-S adapter to use a 4-port switch Tvheadend moves the dish as I change the channels that are part of the networks assigned to the 4 positions of the switch. If I set up my DVB-S adapter to use an advanced (non-universal LNBs, rotors,etc) and set 4 orbital positions in the parameters and then in each orbital position I choose LNB universal and rotor Gotox assignig to it the number of the position memorized in the positioner and as I read in this forum I also choose the desired orbital position in the network when changing channel the satellite dish doesn't move. I have tried to issue as read in this link ( Diseqc 1.2 commands from the rpi console using and I am able to move the satellite dish to the position desired.
Am I missing something in the setup?
Any hint or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You !!