Restarting a record would fix data errors right away

Added by Yuna Choi over 1 year ago

I have an issue where sometimes a recording would have data errors non-stop from the beginning of the record to end. If I restart the record, it would record fine without errors.

I am recording with tvheadend from another private tvheadend server via internet. (tvh -> tvh)

If there are other records that are running at the same time as the error record starts, the other records won't be affected. Recording locally on the tvheadend server does not have this problem.

I am not sure if this would be a bandwidth problem since restarting the record would ALWAYS fix the errors. Server is connected via lan to a 100/100 connection and the recording machine is connected via lan to 1000/1000 connection.

Both machines running Ubuntu 18.04 lts
Server is running tvh 4.2.9~pre+20191115
Recording machine is running tvh 4.2.8-5

If any more information is needed, please reply

Any ideas why this would happen? Thanks!