[SOLVED] Matroska vs MPEG-TS for recording

Added by Davor Komljenovic over 1 year ago


I am using TVHeadend 4.3-1638 running on Debian Jessie, compiled myself, HD Homerun network tuner with cable TV, and small number of IPTV channels.

I am currently using MPEG-TS (pass) for recordings. It works great for everything EXCEPT that you cannot seek (skip to certain time, fast forward, reverse) when viewing the recordings using VLC (on tablet or phone when watching over Internet away from home) and occasional issues with IPTV recordings.

In order to be able to seek in recordings and maybe fix the IPTV recording issues, I was thinking of trying out Matroska container for recordings. Can anyone please briefly explain any differences between MPEG-TS and Matroska or tell me whether Matroska will be ok, considering:
1. I use timeshifting (read there are problems with Matroska and timeshifting)
2. Sometimes we watch a recording while it is being recorded (read Matroska cannot do this)

If Matroska can do everything MPEG-TS can plus it can allow seeking and possibly fix problems with IPTV recordings, I would switch to it. However timeshifting and watching while recording are more important so I would stick with MPEG-TS if Matroska cannot handle those. Can anyone please explain? Thanks ahead.

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RE: Matroska vs MPEG-TS for recording - Added by Bernhard H. over 1 year ago

I have the same problem on my iPad. When starting to stream a recording via internal VLC from the KODI, I once saw a very short message about using Matroska file format, but that disappeared again and and never came again. But then using Matroska while recording did not really help. Same problem. The strange thing is that using the progress bar and my finger, for the 1st attempt it works, I can move to a forward point in the recording, but then not anymore.

So strange thing. When using VLC on my iMac or on a Windows computer I have no problems, I can always jump forward etc.
So can anybody help?

Maybe the version of VLC used in TVHClient is old ? Searching the internet for that I see similar questions for older Versions of VLC that should be resolved now.....


RE: Matroska vs MPEG-TS for recording - Added by Davor Komljenovic over 1 year ago

I have switched to Matroska for recordings and for the default streaming profile. So far I have had no problems with timeshifting or with watching a recording while it is being recorded. Also, I have used TvhClient app on iPad and external VLC and had no problems with pausing and seeking a recording. I could not seek with MPEG-TS.

So my problem with not being able to seek recordings on iPad or Android has been fixed with Matroska format. If you are still having problems, I would suggest installing VLC on iPad then using TvhClient app and selecting external VLC to play both recordings and live TV.

RE: [SOLVED] Matroska vs MPEG-TS for recording - Added by Bernhard H. about 1 year ago

Yes, I also switched to Matroska and now I can seek forward in TVHCient internal VLC....