Trying to get TVH to work on an ODroid N2

Added by Ben Rometsch 6 months ago


Trying to move from an raspberry pi 2 to a new ODroid N2. Using a DVB-T2 USB stick (

I'm running up against an error when scanning muxes. I can run a manual scan against my local channels conf and the system finds channels correctly. When I try and get the stick working in TVHeadend I see the following errors:

Realtek RTL2832 (DVB-T) #0 : DVB-T #0 - DTV_CLEAR failed [e=Bad address]

Running ubuntu 18.04 aarch64 architecture. There's similar issue here Im not sure if this is a TVH bug or something related to the driver for the USB stick? Ive tried building TVH locally and using the aarch64 docker image but get the same issue with both.

Thanks for any help