Hard Drive crashed

Added by Lisa White 3 months ago

Hey guys,

I awakened to find my 4 month old Dell computer hard drive crashed. It has the clicking sound of death prompting me to contact Dell for service. The operating system installed was xubuntu 18.04 and not Ubuntu. I will have to re-install tvheadend after the hard drive is replaced but I cannot remember which tvheadend code name key that I used to make this work. I switched to xubuntu because ubuntu tvheadend did not play well with my system and produced tons of buffering. Switching to xubuntu resolved my buffering problem and tvheadend worked pretty much flawlessly.

Can someone tell me what code name version I should install for xubuntu? Wiki states that bionic is for ubuntu but I believe this was the version that caused buffering issues with xubuntu. For the life of me, I cannot remember what I used so I would appreciate some input.

Thoughts? Thanks

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RE: Hard Drive crashed - Added by Mark Clarkstone 3 months ago

18.04 is bionic, yes :)