DVB-C and analogue TV

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Hello there.
Please put on the newbie alert. :-)
A bit of an intro. You can skip to the next paragraph.
I live in Portugal and my ISP is NOWO (old Cabovisão).
I get a package from NOWO with Internet/Phone/TV delivered through cable. From what I understand, Internet&Phone come from a DocSis cablemodem which has a couple of FXE/FXO ports for connecting the analogue phone. For TV receiving, I can either:
a) connect the cable directly to the Analogue COAX input of a TV set
b) I can connect the cable to the input of their (DVB-C??) Set Top Box and then connect the TV set to the HDMI on the STB.

- I would like to set up a TVH server to record some TV shows for my daughter and to allow me to watch TV with Kodi in any room of the house.
Since I'm a complete ignorant, I need to understand if I can grab the analogue TV signal using a Sundtek MediaTV Pro (DVB-C/T/T2, FM-Radio, AnalogTV).
- If so, from what I understand, the device can only tune into a given channel at a time, which means that if I wanted to watch ch1 in the living room and ch2 in the bedroom at the same time, I would need to buy two tuners, right?

Now, what if I was interested in watching/recording HD content?
- I would need to use a DVB-C tuner, right? From what I understand, the Sundtek MediaTV Pro (DVB-C/T/T2, FM-Radio, AnalogTV) would also work for DVB-C, right?
- Would it be so simple as connecting the cable to the Sundtek MediaTV Pro (DVB-C/T/T2, FM-Radio, AnalogTV) and "voilá", HD content is working?
- Or do they send the signal scrambled and I would need to unscramble it before being able to watch?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: DVB-C and analogue TV - Added by saen acro 6 months ago

Dual or Quad tuner can do that,
but for descrambling card-reader and supported card.

RE: DVB-C and analogue TV - Added by Rui Correia 6 months ago

saen acro wrote:

Dual or Quad tuner can do that,

I see. So, If I want to watch 2 channels in two separate devices at the same time, I need a tuner capable of tuning into several channels at the same time.
But what if I buy 2 tuners like the Sundtek MediaTV Pro (DVB-C/T/T2, FM-Radio, AnalogTV)? I could tune into two different channels using 2 tuners like this one right?

I am focusing on this tuner because my PC doesn't have PCI slots. So, it needs to be well supported (Sundtek is, right?) and it needs to be USB (no PCI) and it would be cool if I could play with both analogue and DVB-C with the same tuner.
Would you recommend other tuners with these specs?

but for descrambling card-reader and supported car.

So...I would need to descramble the signal in order to tune into the DVB-C...
I've been looking into my provider's STB and I can't for the life of me find any card slot. Would it be possible that they consseal the card inside the STB case?
I don't want to go and do anything illegal like stealing or stuff like that, but I would really like to pay them and watch TV the way I want and not the way they want me to watch.
So, if get my hands on that card and if I buy a card reader, would it be as easy as inserting the card in the reader, connected to the PC running TVH, et voilá, HD content working?

I just read the terms and conditions of my contract and they say that 90 (of the whole 140) channels are available in DVB-C without needing an STB.
They say I only need to have a compatible DVB-C TV set and I can watch those digital channels with EPG.
Does that mean that I don't need a card-reader and don't need to descramble the signal?