Webui hung on "Electronic Program Tab"

Added by Al Deveron 4 months ago

The webui application appears to be hung up. This happened during initial install.

None of the

I uninstalled/reinstalled tvheadend on a Raspberry Pi runing Kodi, but the webui did not change. It still contains all of the original information from the first installation attempt.

I am new to TVH and would just like to rewind and start over.

Is there a data path that I can delete after I uninstall tvheadend application? I assume it is /usr/share/tvheadend, but I don't want to make matters worse. I could start over with a fresh install of OSMC, but the seems extreme.



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RE: Webui hung on "Electronic Program Tab" - Added by Mark Clarkstone 4 months ago

The default config dir is /home/hts/.hts/tvheadend. so delete the tvheadend dir and restart tvh.

If you get prompted for a user / pass when logging into the webui stop tvheadend then run sudo dpkg-reconfigure tvheadend and restart it again. Reconfigure re-creates the superuser file.


RE: Webui hung on "Electronic Program Tab" - SOLVED - Added by Al Deveron 4 months ago


The root cause of the issue was an ScriptSafe extension in the Chrome browser which disabled mouse clicks i.e."Clipboard Interference".

The issue had nothing to do with the Webgui

Thanks for your suggestion.