IPTV service being prioritized over DVB-T2/DVB-S2 even though its set to lowest priority -10

Added by brimur brimur over 3 years ago

Running server version: HTS Tvheadend 4.2.7-34

Testing done with TVHClient on Android phone and TVHeadend client on Kodi

I am using IPTV as a backup/failover for freeview/freesat channels. I added both IPTV and DVB services to a Channel and set service priority, -10 for the IPTV service and 10 for the DVB service. When I play the channels however the IPTV is always selected first.

At first the only priority I set was under the Service tab. When that failed I went to the TV Adapters tab and selected the DVB-T2 adapter and set both the streaming priority and priority to 10, I did the same for the DVB-S2 adapter except made it 5 for both. Hit Save. Play the channels again, still selecting IPTV first.

Next I went to the Networks tab and while the DVB networks has no Priority option I saw the IPTV network did. So I set it to -10 like I did with the Services. Hit Save, play channel, still IPTV first

Finally I went to the Muxes tab. Similar to the Networks tab, the DVB channels have no priority option but the IPTV did, so I set all the IPTV muxes to -10. Hit Save, play channel, IPTV first again.

I tried rebooting. No effect. Nothing I do will make my TVH server send the DVB channels before the IPTV.

Any help appreciated.