Analog NTCS Tuner

Added by Nathan Klock over 10 years ago


I have recently built and installed Tvheadend SVN-r5788 by following the guide at

When I attempt to watch any channel the stream fails with the following error:

Jan 19 00:50:38 TS: WinTV PVR 500 (unit #1) ivtv 0000:04:08.0/0 Hz: MPEG2VIDEO: Corrupted PES header
Jan 19 00:50:43 subscription: "HTTP" unsubscribing from "TV Guide" 

I have a feeling that Tvheadend is not actually changing the channel on the tuner, the first clue is here "0000:04:08.0/0 Hz" where it has the correct device ID, however it is returning 0 Hz as the tuned frequency. To double check this I did a dump of the MPEG stream by doing "cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg" and then using Tvheadend to tune in to channel 2. Nothing changes, all I get is static on the test.mpg. If I do the same thing but change the channel via "ivtv-tuner -d /dev/video0 -f 55.250" then the tuner picks up the channel and the video displays directly.

If you would like some help debugging this I am more then happy to offer my time. If there is any value in attaching one of the MPEG dumps I can make one for you.