Back to back recording on same channel with padding is chopping off the ending of the first

Added by Vaise Williams about 4 years ago


I have not noticed this before......
I dont know if it came in some time, or I have just not run into the situation lately.

I have a 5 minute padding on all shows

TVshow-1 starts at 8PM for 30 minutes, then on same channel at 8:30, TVShow-2 starts.
I was pretty sure that TVSHows-1 would still record the extra 5 minutes as these are from the same mux.

It was cut off and I had to watch the start of the second TVShow-2 to see the end of the show 1.

I have 6 tuners and others were available but TVH can record multi shows from the same mux with one tuner - or it used to in my testing.

Any ideas ?