tvheadend ->ffmpeg->clients

Added by Jacko Hanzo 9 months ago

Hey, need some help. i have tried google and followed all sorts of guide and howto video on youtube, but cant get it to work.

the thing that im trying to achieve is to:

send the dvb signals (stream) to a more powerful server, where the plan is to install ffmpeg and us it as a transcoder. then from the transcoder send it to the clients.

but the thing is that i cant seem to get the ffmpeg part to work. some guides prefer nginx with rtmp module and ffmpeg as they says its easier, but even thats not possible.

hope someone in her could help me or point me to the right direction..

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RE: tvheadend ->ffmpeg->clients - Added by Jacko Hanzo 9 months ago

but will they do the transcoding? what if i need a "man in the middle" to do the transcoding?

RE: tvheadend ->ffmpeg->clients - Added by saen acro 9 months ago

that's why they are created.

RE: tvheadend ->ffmpeg->clients - Added by emmi cel 9 months ago

hi. thanks for the links, im almost doing the same, so i just tried installing the fullip but, i fails and gives errors. im on the newest ubuntu server
is there any other way to transcode the stream..

i have a raspberry pi with a tv tuner, in house it works good, but when im on the go i need to transcode the signal before viewing it on my phone (if possible as hls)